Choosing the Right Server Operating System

There has been much debate on the server level about Windows vs Unix, Unix vs Linux, BSD vs Linux, Windows vs Solaris, and just about any other matchup you can imagine. ¬†Choosing the right one is not as easy the supporters of each OS make it seem. ¬†You have to consider many factors when choosing […]

How to Create a phpinfo Page

A phpinfo page is a simple PHP script that usually only has one line of code:
<? php phpinfo(); ?>
You can create a phpinfo.php file and place it anywhere on any website on your server to view the current PHP configuration. That single line of code will return a plethora of detailed information about your […]

How to Create a Basic Shell Script

For those of you who are accustomed to using the graphical user interfaces (GUI) of desktop operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, you may find the Linux command line to be daunting. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool that is a must when running a dedicated server.
Even a beginner to Linux […]