What are the Major Advantages of Business Colocation?

As a business, hosting is a very important thing. It may be what keeps you going and keeps everything running smoothly.
You have many different hosting options all the way from shared hosting to dedicated and even colocation. For many businesses, colocation makes quite a bit of sense, especially if you already own servers.
Colocation […]

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

If you have spent any time reading or even overhearing conversations about cloud computing, you have undoubtedly heard of the term Software as a Service (SaaS). Other common cloud terms include Platform as a Service (PaaS) and even Storage as a Service (STaaS). Another cloud model that is quickly gaining steam is Infrastructure as a […]

5 Reasons to Choose Colocation: Part 1

Colocation services are on the rise, and according to many reports, many companies have found it more beneficial to outsource their IT services, including their dedicated servers, to managed service providers. Whether you outsource your systems to the cloud or simply house your own servers at an off-site facility, there are many reasons to choose […]

Tips for Choosing a Colocation Facility

Whether you are just getting started with server management or are just looking to outsource your servers, choosing a colocation provider may seem like a confusing and time-consuming activity. The following tips may help you choose a good colocation provider.
1. Security first – Features aside, you need your servers to be physically secure and secure […]

Why Scalable Hosting is So Important for Business

Businesses invest a great deal of money into dedicated servers. What may start with one server and a few gigabytes of data can eventually grow into an entire server cluster with several petabytes of data. Ideally, a hosting or colocation provider will give businesses the tools to smoothly transition from one stage of development to […]

How Colocation Can Save Businesses Money

In these tough economic times, businesses are looking for ways to save money anywhere they can find them. The rising costs of power, infrastructure, and employment makes it difficult for some companies to sustain their own data centers. Because of this, many of them have turned to colocation as a money-saving solution.
Colocation simply means […]

Colocation Hosting Gives You Peace of Mind

OK, first things first. The spelling of ‘colocation’ is fine. ‘Colocation’ here means ‘co-location’ or ‘located at the same place’. When your dedicated server is kept in the premises of a hosting company, it is called a colocation server. You have to pay a rent to the hosting company for keeping it. Some hosting companies […]

What is Colocation Hosting?

The term ‘colocation’ means ‘located at the same place’. It refers to the location of the servers of various organizations at one place, the premises of a hosting company. The server that resides in such a place is called colocation server and this type of hosting is referred to as colocation hosting.
So, what exactly […]

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Some people I know freak out the moment you mention ‘managed hosting’ to them. Reason? The perceived high cost of outsourcing your server’s management. Well, the truth is that the benefits of managed hosting far outweigh the money invested in it. Still, not many organizations are game for it. And yet, none of them are […]

Why Colocation Hosting is Good for Businesses

When you realize that it’s time to acquire a dedicated server, the following thoughts come to your minds, most probably, in order: money, management, and maintenance. In almost every post where we mentioned the benefits of the dedicated server, we have said that you must make sure that you will be able to afford not […]

Is Colocation Any Good?

Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting, offering you some peace of mind. If you own a server, you understand the effort that goes into taking care of it. The monitoring, maintenance, management, and optimization of the server can take a toll on you. The server is a big responsibility, and its management requires […]

Colocation Hosting Vs Managed Hosting

The biggest concern of any organization who owns a server is its management. Managed hosting gives you peace of mind. Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting.
Colocation hosting means that your server is located in the premises of a hosting company. However, managed hosting, in the truest sense, means that the hosting company […]

How Good is a Colocation Server?

On one hand, owning a server gives you control, and thus, peace of mind. On the other, it snatches your peace of mind with the responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining it. The concept of server colocation offers to provide you control and absolute peace of mind at the same time. A colocation server is a […]

Benefits of a Colocation Server

A colocation server is a one that is owned by a business but resides in the premises of a hosting company. The business pays a rent to the hosting company. At times, even a hosting company can offer you a server on rent.
So, how different is a colocation server from a dedicated one? A colocation […]

Does Your Server Need Colocation?

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to colocation as an alternative to in-house and managed hosting.  Colocation is a service that allows you to store your servers and network equipment in a hosting provider’s data center.  This type of arrangement has numerous benefits.  First of all, your business gets a connection to the internet, […]