Ajenti: Free and Open Source Alternative Control Panel

Most small and medium web businesses turn to cPanel or another commercial control panel when they want GUI management of their servers. But not everyone can afford the licensing fees, and some people just want a free and open source alternative. The first that probably comes to mind is Webmin, but it is no longer […]

3 Ways to Enable and Disable Linux Services

Linux services or daemons are programs that typically start when the system boots and remain running in the background until the system shuts down. What follows are three distinct ways to manage services RHEL and CentOS servers.
1. chkconfig – You can use this simple command to show current services, enable them, disable them, […]

How to Install Softaculous in cPanel/WHM

Softaculous is a handy add-on for cPanel that gives your users the ability to quickly and nearly effortlessly install web application scripts. You can administer it through WHM, but once it is installed, any of your cPanel users can do one-click script installations. Installing Softaculous is relatively easy. Just follow these steps.
First, you should make […]

Must Have Linux/Unix Server Tools: Part 2

In part one, we looked at some of the bare essentials for getting started with your new server. The following are a few others that are sometimes essential, depending on what you want to do.
Server-side Scripting – If you are going to run dynamic websites, which you almost certainly will, you will need some type […]

How to Modify Account Quotas with WHM

One of the very useful features of cPanel’s WebHost Manager (WHM) is the ability to control user quotas, the amount of disk space allotted to a given user account. Once an account reaches its disk quota, no more files can be added.
To modify an account’s quota, navigate WHM to Home >> Account Functions >> Quota […]

Linux Server Security Guide: Part 2

System Logs
Every Linux operating system keeps logs for system processes and applications. You can use those logs to monitor server performance and also sniff out any abnormalities that may be security security related.
There are some common Linux logs that are more important than others, such as the kernel log, authentication log, web server […]

How to Edit php.ini In WHM

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages on the web. Many large, medium, and small websites rely on it to provide dynamic content. Whenever you need to adjust the settings of PHP, you will need to access the php.ini file. It is easy enough to access through SSH, but if you ever […]

Back to Basics #13: Basic DNS Zone Editing

DNS is one of the most important features of your server. It is what connects your server’s true identity, its IP address, to its human-readable name, also known as its domain name. In order to add domains, sub-domains, or mail server addresses, you need to edit DNS zone entries for your domains. Using a web-based […]

Back to the Basics #12: Hosting Automation

Hosting Automation refers to software that makes web hosting as easy as clicking buttons on a graphical interface. For those who have worked with naked Linux or Unix servers, this is a dramatic contrast from the command line interface to which you may be accustomed. Most hosting automation comes in the form of a web-based […]

Which Linux Distribution Is Best for Servers?

Recent reports have indicated that Linux continues to gain a larger share of the server market, while Microsoft Windows and variations of Unix continue to lose significant market shares. Linux has become the dominant server OS type of choice, and for web servers in particular, Linux is almost the default.
Nevertheless, to call Linux a single […]

How to Suspend User Accounts in cPanel

In a previous post, you learned how to suspend a Linux user account on your dedicated server. Although this method is effective in shutting down users with shell access, it may not shut off any websites or other unique hosting features that they have. For that you will probably need to suspend their accounts […]

How to Manage MySQL Users in cPanel

MySQL is a powerful database server that you can use in conjunction with server-side scripting like PHP to enhance your websites with dynamic content.  By default, the only way to manage MySQL is from the command line. Fortunately, there are web-based tools like phpMyAdmin and cPanel that provide other options.
In cPanel, you can create and […]

What Windows Users Should Know about Linux Servers

You are likely reading this because you are new to Linux servers, and although it may seem intimidating now, you will soon learn to love your new system.  You may rarely need to touch the Linux command line, as most functions these days can be handled using a web-based control panel like cPanel / WHM. […]

WHM Scripts for Easy Server Setup

Web-based control panels like cPanel/WHM are great for simplifying tasks that would normally require you to login to your server via SSH and run programs from the command line.  For batch tasks, however, the command line is often a better choice.  Fortunately, there are numerous WHM command line scripts that you can execute from within […]

How to Backup MySQL Databases in cPanel

Dynamic websites often rely on databases to store, retrieve, and save information.  Therefore, it is insufficient to only backup website files, which often only contain scripts and applications, while ignoring the databases, which hold your actual content.
Backing up your files and databases with cPanel/WHM is easy and relatively painless.  With it you can backup individual […]

Control Panel Security

Many times, managing your dedicated server from the command line can be tedious, especially when there are web-based control panels that make a lot of administrative tasks easier.
Control panels are great, and some proprietary panels like cPanel and Plesk have become commonplace on servers all over the world.  The benefits aside, however, you should also […]

Apache “Graceful Restart” Message in Log Files

If you happen to scan the web server log files of your dedicated server, as I have often recommend, you might come across a message saying something like, “[notice] Graceful restart requested, doing restart”. The first important thing to know about this message is the word “notice”. This means that it is not […]

Setting Up a New Server

Starting your own server can be exciting and frightening at the same time. While it provides you with new independence that you would not have using a shared hosting account, it also places a tremendous amount of responsibility on you that you did not have before. Whenever you have security, stability, or performance […]

Why cPanel is Popular

Every time we talk about server management at ServerSchool.com, we compare internal management with outsourced management. Irrespective of the kind of server management you go for, you will need a control panel for your server. If you have followed this blog, you know my favorite has always been cPanel. I know you would call me […]

Is cPanel Dedicated Server Any Good?

cPanel server is that dedicated server that uses the cPanel control panel for website management. Among all the web control panels, cPanel is the most popular one.
As an owner of websites running on your web server, you are required to perform certain management tasks. A control panel makes life easier for you by letting you […]

cPanel for Your Dedicated Server

When you buy the dedicated server, you want to reap the optimum benefits of it. The most important thing you need for that is efficient management. Even if you cannot manage it in-house, you need not worry. Get professionals to manage your server for you. However, there is one thing that you need, irrespective of […]

cPanel Vs Plesk – Which One You Should Choose

Wondering which control panel to choose with respect to website management? If you ask a cPanel user, you know what the answer will be. The same goes for Plesk or any other control panel. So, getting a non-biased opinion is a bit difficult. Yeah, I have biases too. Not that I don’t like Plesk but […]

cPanel is an Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Control Panel

Does the thought of website management give you cold sweats? As a website owner, you are required to perform certain management tasks and the least you can ask for is an easy control panel. cPanel offers just that. Everyone has his/her favourite when it comes to website control panel. Personally, I have found cPanel […]

cPanel’s Intuitive Interface Makes it a Great Server Control Panel

In one of the recent posts, I told you about the things that make Plesk a popular choice for the server control panel. Now, cPanel is an extremely popular control panel too. In fact, it is one control panel that maintains its high popularity in spite of its cost. Is it just hype or does […]

How Good is Plesk?

Both cPanel and Plesk are popular choices as server control panels. Opinions are divided on which one is better. For the uninitiated, Parallels Plesk Panel is what is commonly referred to as Plesk.
One area where Plesk definitely scores over cPanel is the cost. Plesk is a cost-effective choice for a server control panel. However, there […]

What Makes cPanel Popular?

What is better than management? Simplified management. And a hosting control panel offers you just that for websites. Among the control panels available, cPanel has become the most popular one. What makes cPanel popular? While some say that it is the intuitive and highly functional graphical interface that clicks with people, others vouch by its […]

Which is Better – cPanel or Plesk?

There are no clear winners in certain areas in our lives. Take for example, food. Which one do you think is better – a home-cooked spread or a seven-course fare at your favorite restaurant? Now, while I think home-food is any day better than anything else, you may have a different opinion. Similarly, the opinion […]

What is Plesk?

OK, you have got the server, your website(s), and your applications. Now, how do you manage all these? You would need some kind of a control panel to handle these. In our earlier posts, we discussed the cPanel control panel which is one of the most popular server control panels. Plesk is another very popular […]

How Good is a cPanel Server

Amidst all the technological innovations taking place around us, which ones do you think click with people? The ones that are easy to use. If you were offered the command line-based operating system and the point-and-click one, you will be more inclined towards the latter one, because it is easier to use. cPanel is one […]

Why is the cPanel Server the ‘IN’ Thing?

Point-and-click operating systems revolutionized the computing world by replacing the keyboard-based operating systems because they were easier to use. A point-and-click system provides a more user-friendly interface. The concept of cPanel servers also came in because hosting companies were looking to offer an easy-to-use interface to website owners.
cPanel is basically a control panel […]