Data Center FAQs

What is a data center?
The MSDN library defines a data center in the following words:
(Source) A facility used for housing a large amount of computer and communications equipment maintained by an organization for the purpose of handling the data necessary for its operations
The data center is essentially a physical location where multiple servers […]

What Does A Data Center Offer?

What is a data center? Why do you need one? Well, let me explain it this way. You know there was a time when computers were stored in a secure, cold, dust-free place. Now, while there is no such need any longer, if you have many servers, you need a similar (not same) location for […]

Do You Have a Data Center?

You have got your dedicated server. Now, life is going to be simple. Not quite. In order to reap all the promised benefits of the server, you need to take care of it. And taking care of the server is not that easy. ‘Taking care’ essentially means maintaining it, monitoring it, providing troubleshooting in time, […]

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Management

Dedicated, privately-owned servers bring in several benefits. However, the complexity of server management is something that often deters organizations from investing in them. If you own a bunch of servers, you want them to be organized in a way that they give you maximum benefits. This is where the data center comes in. Some organizations […]

Why Businesses Need the Data Center?

The data center or the server farm is important for any organization that owns a number of servers. What makes it so important? The mere fact that it brings everything at one place? Yes, this and more.
You keep all your servers and hardware at one physical location because it reaps more benefits and provides easy […]

Do You Need a Data Center?

When you have too many servers to take care of, what comes first to your mind? Bringing them together and keeping them at a centralized location so that their maintenance and monitoring becomes easier. That is exactly the purpose of the data center, your centralized location for all your hardware. Organizations often wonder if they […]

The Data Center is Important for Growing Organizations

Many organizations wonder if they need to set up a data center in light of the many servers they own. A data center becomes important when yours is a large organization where the number of servers keep increasing. Smaller organizations don’t necessarily need the data center.
What exactly is a data center? It is essentially […]

The New Data Center is Green and Shrinking

Green and shrinking is the description for what the data centers will be like in the near future. Let me explain what these two words imply in the context of the data center.
Green implies an environment-friendly initiative to conserve energy. Here’s how defines a green data center:
(Source) A green data center is a […]

How Important is the Data Center?

Often, the condition of your valuables depends on the container they have been kept in. The data center is the container for all your servers, all so precious. Now, if you have many servers, you would like to keep them in a location where you can monitor and take care of them properly.
Having a data […]

Outsource Data Center Management for Peace of Mind

Owning a server brings along responsibilities. And if you own many servers, the responsibilities often become bigger than you can handle. Not only do you need to maintain them and monitor their performance, you also need to ensure that they perform optimally. Typically, an organization with many servers goes for a data center so that […]

Data Center Management is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Owning a server brings along benefits and responsibilities. The responsibilities can take a toll on you if you have more than a couple of servers to take care of. And if you have deployed clustering of servers, you just have too much to take care of. So, how to manage the servers? To begin with, […]

Do You Need a Data Center?

More often than not, the management of infrastructure is more difficult than its use. While servers become critical to the operations of a business, their storage and maintenance deter organizations from owning them. If you own many servers, you need a secure store for them. This store is referred to as data center or server […]

Outsourcing Data Center Management

Why do you use the services of a babysitter? To take care of your kids when you have to go out or have other things to take care of. Why do you hire a financial adviser? To help you manage your finances as you lack the expertise. Now, both these instances seem to suggest that […]

Do You Need A Datacenter?

Remember the times when you had to keep your computer in a cool, dust-free room? Your personal computer may not need such a cozy environment anymore, but your precious servers do. The datacenter is what houses your organization’s servers.
The benefits of a datacenter are many. But a datacenter may not be necessary for every organization. […]

Setting Up the Data Center

Many organizations wonder if they should go for data centers and if they will be able to handle their management. Data centers are important for any large organization with many servers to take care of. However, small organizations with a couple of single servers need not invest in a data center. The need, however, arises […]

How Datacenters Benefit Businesses

Technical terms have never been simpler. The term ‘server farm’, for example, refers to a place where servers are kept. The server farm is also referred to as the datacenter. So, what happens in this server farm or datacenter?
A datacenter is a physical location where multiple servers are maintained to provide back up facilities […]

Who’s Managing Your Datacenter?

Datacenter management is a growing concern for many companies. It will continue to be a big concern as more companies opt for solutions like cloud computing and cluster servers. If you have more than two clusters in your operating environment then a datacenter could be very beneficial to you.
A datacenter is simply a central location […]

What’s A Datacenter Anyway?

A datacenter is a large storage facility with a lot of computers used for storing digital information. One of the largest datacenters in the world exists inside of Google’s huge multiplex – called Googleplex – in Mountain View, California. Inside of Google’s datacenter is where all of the search indexing and ranking of websites takes […]

How A Datacenter Serves As A Useful Resource

Whether you want to operate your business in a cloud, through a cluster server, leveraging colocation resources, or own your own dedicated server, a datacenter can be a useful resource.
A datacenter may also be called a server farm. It’s a large warehouse, or suitable physical building, where many servers are stored for operational purposes. Note […]