Biggest Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Compared to any other type of hosting, a dedicated server comes with plenty of advantages. While many are moving to the cloud or trusting their cheap shared hosting, dedicated servers still provide the best hosting option for most companies and websites.
A dedicated server certainly provides more power than shared hosting, VPS hosting or cloud […]

Why You Need the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has a promise. And the word ‘dedicated’ brings about the promise of better service. But, do you need the dedicated server? You do if your business is in any way dependent on your server or web presence. Now, let us look at why the emphasis is on owning a dedicated server.
It offers […]

Is Dedicated Hosting For You?

Dedicated hosting promises benefits that every organization would want to reap. But does every organization need the dedicated server? There is no point going for it if shared hosting is sufficient for your web needs. Let’s look at scenarios that make it mandatory for you to go for dedicated hosting.

Your website is critical to your […]

What A Dedicated Server Offers That A Shared One Cannot

Control –  that’s probably the best word to sum up the benefits of a dedicated server over a shared one. Let’s look at how exactly the dedicated server helps.
You get almost unlimited disk space with dedicated hosting. So, no more worries about storage limitations. Dedicated hosting meets your bandwidth needs adequately as you are no […]

The Business Benefits of the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has to be good. After all, it is dedicated to you – your needs and your ambitions. This server makes sense for growing businesses. Living with the shared server can be detrimental to your growth, thanks to the limitations in terms of bandwidth, disk space, security and control. If your business depends […]

Why Businesses Need A Dedicated Server

A business is forever growing. Living with limited resources is never ideal for a business. So, if your server and web applications are critical for your organization’s business, you have got to move from a shared server to a dedicated server.
A dedicated server is dedicated to your needs. It offers you greater reliability and high […]

Why You Should Acquire a Dedicated Server

If your ambitions about your web presence are increasing, you cannot live with sharing resources with hundreds of others. You have got to buy a dedicated server.
Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you need without sharing […]

How the Dedicated Server Benefits Your Business

If yours is a large or growing organization, you need the dedicated server. Let me explain why.
A dedicated server gives you the kind of control and space that a shared server cannot offer. In terms of availability, dedicated servers are great as they offer high availability of applications and the websites hosted on the server.
You […]

Why Businesses Need the Dedicated Server

Not everybody needs the dedicated server, but businesses need it. If the websites and servers are critical for a business, it cannot do without a dedicated server. Why? Because the shared server doesn’t suffice given the criticality of resources and the growing needs of the business. Let’s look at what a dedicated server offers:

It puts […]

Dedicated Servers Put You in Charge

Dedicated servers are good but do you need them? You do if your business thrives on your websites. You do if the available resources do not suffice. You do if you want to be in charge. A dedicated server is completely dedicated to your needs, letting you be on the web the way you like. […]

Dedicated Servers Can Give Your Websites a Makeover

The world’s been reiterating what we have always maintained: if you have high-traffic websites, you have to go for dedicated servers. Obvious, isn’t it? So, I was surprised when I saw a news piece titled, Dedicated servers ‘ideal for high-traffic sites’ on the Net.
Why mention the obvious, I thought. But I guess there are still […]

What Makes Dedicated Servers Rock?

Of course, we will tell you that dedicated servers are good. And we will substantiate our statement with facts. Let’s have a look at them.

It gives you absolute control. Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you […]

How Does a Dedicated Server Benefit You?

Yeah, a dedicated server is good. Since a dedicated server is completely dedicated to you, it brings along several benefits. But how exactly does it benefit you? We have discussed this several times in the post. Today, we’ll re-visit the points.

It offers greater reliability and high availability. Network problems such as downtimes, traffic bursts, server […]

How Dedicated Servers Revolutionize Your Web Experience

Organizations that have websites being hosted by a shared host may not experience a problem until their bandwidth and space requirements increase. If the traffic to your website is increasing rapidly, you should consider a dedicated server. It will provide you enough resources for an improved performance of your website. That’s not all. A dedicated […]

Is it Time to Move to a Dedicated Server?

Do you wonder if you should move to a dedicated server? Seeing businesses invest in dedicated servers and looking at the benefits they have to offer, it is likely that you will wonder if it time for your business to acquire one. The best way to find out if shared hosting, your current hosting plan […]