How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost?

Want a dedicated server but concerned about its cost? Well, you are not alone. While the benefits of a dedicated server lure many organizations, the perceived high cost and complex management deter them from getting one. In fact, the cost is one of the main reasons we recommend stopover solutions like the semi-dedicated server or […]

Looking for a Low Cost Dedicated Server?

Most organizations understand that the dedicated server is important for their web presence and yet there is something that stops them from acquiring the server. Three reasons can explain this:

They have become complacent. They have started living with the limitations of shared hosting.
They think dedicated servers are too complicated to maintain.
They think dedicated servers are […]

Worried About the Dedicated Server Cost?

The high cost of the dedicated server often deters organizations from investing in the dedicated server. This is one of the reasons we recommend semi-dedicated hosting or VPS hosting to businesses who can’t afford dedicated hosting yet. However, is the dedicated server really expensive? How much does it cost anyway?
The partners of Dedicated Server School […]