Managed Hosting for the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server needs dedicated management. If you can assure good, efficient management in-house, go ahead. But make sure it is really efficient. If you cannot guarantee that, outsource your server’s management to a hosting company.
You want to reap all the benefits of the dedicated server. For that, you need a professional team looking after […]

How to Manage a Dedicated Server

Once you get a dedicated server you have to worry about a lot of things like its location, maintenance, security, performance monitoring, and optimization. Managing the server is not an easy task. So, how do you manage it?
If you ask me, I would recommend going for professional management. Outsourcing your server’s management promises to […]

Dedicated Server Management

The purchase of the dedicated server brings along the responsibility of managing it. It is not only the cost that dictates if you can afford the dedicated server but also its management. It is recommended that you decide on the management of your dedicated server before you go for it. There are two ways to […]

Managed Hosting Need Not Be Expensive

More often than not, the perceived complexity of server management is what deters people from owning servers. I say, if you need a dedicated server, you gotta have one. Don’t let its management bother you. You can always go for managed hosting. Isn’t that expensive? Well, it’s not free and yet I wouldn’t call it […]