Biggest Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Compared to any other type of hosting, a dedicated server comes with plenty of advantages. While many are moving to the cloud or trusting their cheap shared hosting, dedicated servers still provide the best hosting option for most companies and websites.
A dedicated server certainly provides more power than shared hosting, VPS hosting or cloud […]

An Introduction to Web Servers: Part 1

Once you have chosen an operating system, setup some basic security, and decided on a web-based control panel, you will need to decide what software you will run on your server. Some control panels will install your software for you, but it may be worth it to choose one that is right for your […]

5 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid with a Dedicated Server

This list is essentially useless. It is useless because no one would actually do the things on the list. Right? I joke of course, but these mistakes are ones you should definitely avoid. Some may seem like common knowledge, but they still happen far too often.
1. Using “password” as a password – For that […]

How to Add Repositories to Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu is well known for being one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems, but it is also become popular for server usage as well. The highly-acclaimed cloud platform OpenStack is built around Ubuntu, and many web hosts now offer it as an option for their VPS and dedicated server clients. This brief tutorial […]

Use VLC to Stream Live Media

You do not have to pay big money to stream video or audio over the Internet. If you already have a dedicated server or VPS, you can use VLC to stream media to your users.
VLC is a free and open source video player and streaming media server. On the client side, you can use it […]

How to Make Grub2 Menu Appear at Boot

On most Linux dedicated servers, grub is the bootloader that gets the operating system loaded when the system first boots. With grub, you can determine which installed kernel version will load, attach any startup options to the kernel, and even load other operating systems. In most cases, grub will do its work silently never showing […]

How to Track Running Processes

A process is any type of program currently running in a computer system’s memory. All types of dedicated servers have processes, and on Linux and Unix systems, they are easy to track, troubleshoot, and manage.
One of the most important commands you can use to track a process is “ps”. When executed it will display […]

5 Reasons Why a VPS is Good for Business

A virtual private server (VPS) is a low-cost alternative to a full dedicated server. Using a VPS has a number of strategic advantages for small and medium sized businesses. Among those advantages are the following:

Savings – Above all else, a business that is small or just getting started will need to find ways to […]

How to Reset Your Server Settings

When your server suddenly stops functioning the way it is supposed to, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques you can try. One of the most important things you can do is backtrack and investigate to see if some changes you recently made might have caused the server to stop working. If you discover irreparable […]

Pushing the Boundaries of Server Hardware

Server hardware is constantly evolving, and as a dedicated server administrator, it is a good idea to stay abreast on the latest technology and find out where server technology is headed in the future. The following are some of the new technology that has recently been released or is coming soon.
72-core processor – Do […]

3 More Ways to Save with Virtualization

In a previous post, we looked at some of the ways that virtualization can help you save money. It can help you maximize space usage, reduce power consumption, and reduce the amount of time you spend on provisioning and deployment. The following are three more ways virtualization help:

Application consolidation – In the […]

The Disadvantages of Old Proprietary UNIX

At one time, most of the world’s dedicated servers used a form of UNIX. Big mainframes were known to have big expensive UNIX installations with hefty, costly licenses. Many of those servers have gradually been phased out or have been switched to more modern operating systems like Linux or BSD. Still, some persist, and those […]

Is the End of the Year a Good Time for Major Changes?

As we approach the new year, it might be tempting to make sweeping changes to your organization and to your dedicated server. This is a normal feeling. After all, even in our daily lives, we often start the new year with resolutions (ones that are often too high-reaching and hard to keep). The question posed […]

Run an End-of-Year Security Audit

As the end of the year approaches, now is a good time to make sure your server is living up to your security standards. It might be easy to neglect if you do not have any noticeable security problems, but the only way to truly know how your server is fairing is to run a […]

Quick-Deploying Cloud VPS Systems

Sometimes you need a dedicated server but do not need the full hardware package. A VPS is great for small server projects that do not require the full power and memory available on the system. Moreover, many cloud companies offer VPS systems that are quick and easily to deploy, charging monthly or even hourly fees […]

7 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server in 2012

2011 came and went, and you still do not have a dedicated server. There are plenty of reasons why you might not be ready for one, and we have covered some of those reasons in previous posts. But inevitably, there are some of you out there who are ready to get a dedicated server, but […]

Do You Need a Dedicated Server for One Website?

If you are new to web hosting or are just getting started with your website, the whole idea of a dedicated server may be foreign to you. At some point, however, you might find yourself in need of one or even several. In many situations, people use dedicated servers for multiple websites, but there are […]

How to create users on a Linux server

Generally speaking, you do not normally need to add new website users from the command line on a web server with a control panel. Most control panels will automatically setup users and groups when new websites are created. There are, however, times when you might want to create users and groups manually.
For example, […]

The many benefits of .htaccess files

Apache HTTP Server is controlled by a series of directives, which are usually placed inside Apache’s main configuration file. The file is often called httpd.conf or apache2.conf. This configuration file is located in the /etc directory in Linux, and any changes you make to the file, which you must edit as root, will […]

Why You Need the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has a promise. And the word ‘dedicated’ brings about the promise of better service. But, do you need the dedicated server? You do if your business is in any way dependent on your server or web presence. Now, let us look at why the emphasis is on owning a dedicated server.
It offers […]

Why Go For the Semi-Dedicated Server

Why would you want to go for a semi-dedicated server when you can go for the fully-dedicated one? Well, the semi-dedicated one is for those times when you cannot afford the dedicated one. It is a good choice when you want to switch over from the shared server. Now, didn’t we always say the Virtual […]

Is Dedicated Hosting For You?

Dedicated hosting promises benefits that every organization would want to reap. But does every organization need the dedicated server? There is no point going for it if shared hosting is sufficient for your web needs. Let’s look at scenarios that make it mandatory for you to go for dedicated hosting.

Your website is critical to your […]

What A Dedicated Server Offers That A Shared One Cannot

Control –  that’s probably the best word to sum up the benefits of a dedicated server over a shared one. Let’s look at how exactly the dedicated server helps.
You get almost unlimited disk space with dedicated hosting. So, no more worries about storage limitations. Dedicated hosting meets your bandwidth needs adequately as you are no […]

How Do You Manage Your Server?

So you have got a dedicated server? Now what? How do you propose to manage it? In-house? Great! So, do you have a dedicated team for the server’s management? Can they handle it efficiently? What are the benefits you want of reap of the server? Can you ensure business continuity in case of a failure? […]

The Business Benefits of the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has to be good. After all, it is dedicated to you – your needs and your ambitions. This server makes sense for growing businesses. Living with the shared server can be detrimental to your growth, thanks to the limitations in terms of bandwidth, disk space, security and control. If your business depends […]

Why Managed Hosting Makes Sense Irrespective Of Its Cost?

There is no doubt that managed hosting means increased expenses. After all, you are hiring a company to manage your server and your websites for you. You’ll need to shell out some money. The cost of managed hosting often deters organizations from going for it. Before we rule it out or adopt it, we need […]

Don’t Live With Shared Hosting if You’re Doing Business Online

Once you get used to something, it becomes very difficult to break away from it and adopt something new. Organizations that have been using shared hosting for long are reluctant to even try a new kind of hosting, even if they face problems in the shared form of hosting.
I know many of you would say […]

Have You Decided To Go For A Dedicated Server Yet?

A dedicated server is good for your business, they tell you. But you are not sure if you should go for it. Well, if your business depends on your server and web applications in a big way, you definitely need it. Let’s look at a few signs that indicate you should go for it.

Your website’s […]

When Does the Dedicated Server Become Necessary?

The shared server can fulfill your needs for as long as your web ambitions are not high. However, the dedicated server becomes absolutely necessary if your requirements have increased. Let’s look at the instances when the dedicated server becomes absolutely necessary.

If shared hosting can no longer handle your website’s traffic, you need the dedicated server.
If […]

Managed Hosting for the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server needs dedicated management. If you can assure good, efficient management in-house, go ahead. But make sure it is really efficient. If you cannot guarantee that, outsource your server’s management to a hosting company.
You want to reap all the benefits of the dedicated server. For that, you need a professional team looking after […]