How to Boost Your Server Efficiency

Efficient servers keep customers happy. When your servers lack efficiency customers may complain, ask for a refund, bash you on social media and give you bad reviews. All of these negative things may lead to issues landing new customers and keep current customers.
Instead of losing customers, you just need to understand how to make your […]

Cloud Computing vs. Dedicated Servers – What You Should Know

Everything in the hosting industry seems to be about cloud computing these days. It provides scalability, redundancy and on-demand services, but it is really as good as many advertisers say it is?
While it may not fit with every business or website, it’s important to know the differences between cloud computing and dedicated servers. You […]

When Is Enterprise-Level Virtualization Necessary?

Virtualization can save your organization a lot of money, so it is no surprise that it has become a popular tool for server deployment. What once required 4 dedicated servers may now only need one server running four virtual machines. While enterprise-level virtualization is inexpensive compared to actual hardware, it is still not free. To […]

Understanding Log Files

If you are new to dedicated servers and have spent any time reading this site, you have undoubtedly come across posts from us reminding you to check and monitor your server’s log files. We even make sure to tell you where those log files are stored. In many cases, however, finding the log files is […]

Server OS Profile: CentOS

Sometimes you need enterprise-level software but cannot afford the enterprise-level price. Such is often the case with dedicated servers. Many individuals and companies operate on a limited budget and cannot afford to pay for licensing and support for an enterprise server OS such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Others simply may not need the paid […]

3 Ways Virtualization Can Help You Save

Saving money is very important in the competitive dedicated server industry, and a good system administrator will always look for ways to help the business save. Virtualization, when used correctly, is a great way to save money and still get good performance out of a server. The following are three ways to save with virtualization.
1. […]

Will Cloud Computing Replace Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers have been around for quite a while. They predate the Internet, and if you are old enough to remember, you would know that many businesses once had dedicated servers on-site in a data closet or a full data center. Now many companies host their servers remotely, and some have adopted cloud […]

How to view Linux server logs

Something is wrong with your dedicated server, but that is not even the bad news. The bad news is that you don’t even know it yet. Everything appears to be fine, and it will continue to, as long as you are not monitoring it. Hidden deep within the layers of code, commands, […]

How Dedicated Servers Help You

Owning a server is not beneficial just because it puts you in control but because it offers you more resources than a shared server. A dedicated server is important if your websites and servers are critical to your business. Let’s have a look at what makes the dedicated server advantageous.
It offers you greater reliability and […]

Dedicated Servers Put You in Charge

Dedicated servers are good but do you need them? You do if your business thrives on your websites. You do if the available resources do not suffice. You do if you want to be in charge. A dedicated server is completely dedicated to your needs, letting you be on the web the way you like. […]

Dedicated Servers Can Give Your Websites a Makeover

The world’s been reiterating what we have always maintained: if you have high-traffic websites, you have to go for dedicated servers. Obvious, isn’t it? So, I was surprised when I saw a news piece titled, Dedicated servers ‘ideal for high-traffic sites’ on the Net.
Why mention the obvious, I thought. But I guess there are still […]

Are You Ready For the Dedicated Server?

Years of using the shared hosting service makes us complacent. We don’t even review our own needs and keep renewing our hosting service year after year. Have you looked at your website’s statistics lately? How much has the traffic increased? Do you need more bandwidth or space? Is shared hosting meeting your needs effectively?
With time, […]

How Does a Dedicated Server Help?

Do you get confused every time you hear about the limitations of shared hosting? Do consultants ask your business to make a shift towards dedicated server hosting? If you haven’t experienced a problem with shared hosting yet, you are one of the lucky few. If you expect your website(s) to experience heavy traffic in the […]

How to Buy Your Dedicated Server

Choosing the right company to buy a dedicated server from is extremely important in order to reap the maximum benefits of the server. However, before you start looking out for a service provider, you should be sure that you need a dedicated server. Check out an earlier post, “Who Should Go for a […]

Who Should Go for a Dedicated Web Server?

The title of this post could have been ‘Who Needs a Dedicated Web Server?’ We decided to make the change because there is a difference between needing something and being worthy of it. I must clarify that I do not mean that a website that needs a dedicated server does not deserve it; what I […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Benefits

Many websites that were hosted on a shared server are going for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. A VPS is a smart way of partitioning on server into many and making them function as individual, dedicated servers.
VPS hosting has its advantages in comparison to conventional shared hosting. You can convert one physical server into multiple […]

How Liquid Web Offers Server Security

Ensuring the security of servers needs a lot of time. What a website needs is a security scheme that helps save both time and resources. Liquid Web has come up with a service that does exactly this while making sure the security is of the highest standard. The service is called ServerSecure.
ServerSecure Web […]

Six Reasons Why You Should Invest in Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers have come to revolutionize web hosting. What makes it so good for an online business? Let’s find out.

It gives you absolute control. Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you need without sharing a bit […]

The Limitations of Shared Hosting

While no one denies how great the dedicated server hosting is, some large businesses have stuck to shared hosting. Why? This happens mainly because of a sense of inertia and the failure to analyze the flaws of shared hosting. Let us look at the reasons why businesses should switch from the shared system to dedicated server […]

Not All Web Hosting Companies Are Created Equal

When it comes to web hosting companies, buyer beware! Not all companies are on the up and up. But there are different levels of shoddy service.
With some companies you get good technical service and lousy customer service. That’s tolerable if you don’t require customer service very often. Other hosting companies provide great customer service and […]

Dedicated Servers Vs. Shared Servers: What’s The Difference?

If you’ve heard of dedicated servers but you’re not quite sure what they are then sit back and relax for the quick down and dirty. There are essentially two primary types of web hosting (aside from the cluster server and cloud computing concepts we discussed yesterday and the day before). There’s shared hosting and there’s […]

Dedicated Server School Partners with LiquidWeb for SSD Servers

Dedicated Server School ( is partnered with LiquidWeb who is one of the few managed hosting providers currently offering SSD servers.
Jun 01, 2009 – Dedicated Server School is committed to teaching the public about dedicated servers and the latest in server technology and its premier partner provider, LiquidWeb, is committed to excellence in managed […]

How Should You Configure Your Dedicated Server?

When you realize that you need a dedicated hosting solution to take your website to the next level of performance, you may want to consider signing up with a provider that gives you more than just the server.  A respectable host will facilitate a thorough hardware configuration process to ensure that you get the […]

4 Elements to Consider in a Dedicated Hosting Review

Many experts and customers will highly recommend that you read consumer reviews when looking for a dedicated server plan.  While every hosting website shines in its marketing prose, only through consumer experiences can you determine if the host lives up to its glorious claims.  A detailed review will provide you with comprehensive details on four […]

What to Look for in a Dedicated Server Host

Companies who offer dedicated hosting packages give you the ability to utilize your own server.  This makes a great choice if you require guaranteed resources – minus all the security and performance issues associated with traditional web hosting.  With a dedicated server, you are better assured speed, reliability and the flexibility needed to customize […]

Do You Really Need a Dedicated Server?

Unlike the typical shared hosting arrangement where all customer sites are stored on a single server, a dedicated server is made exclusive to one customer.  As the name implies, the machine is dedicated solely to your usage, providing you with 100% of the vital server resources.  This includes disk space, CPU, memory and bandwidth.  […]