When Does the Dedicated Server Become Necessary?

The shared server can fulfill your needs for as long as your web ambitions are not high. However, the dedicated server becomes absolutely necessary if your requirements have increased. Let’s look at the instances when the dedicated server becomes absolutely necessary.

If shared hosting can no longer handle your website’s traffic, you need the dedicated server.
If […]

What Is A Dedicated Server?

Those who have lived with shared hosting for too long don’t come even close to experiencing dedicated hosting. They get used to the limitations of the shared server and start living with them. The dedicated server becomes important for those organizations whose businesses depend significantly on their servers.
Now, what exactly is a dedicated server? Well, […]

Why Is A Dedicated Server Good?

A dedicated server is dedicated to meeting your needs. This is what makes it good.
It lets you be in control. A dedicated server gives you the kind of control and space that a shared server cannot offer. You can customize your server the way you like. You can install as many applications as you want. […]

How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost?

Want a dedicated server but concerned about its cost? Well, you are not alone. While the benefits of a dedicated server lure many organizations, the perceived high cost and complex management deter them from getting one. In fact, the cost is one of the main reasons we recommend stopover solutions like the semi-dedicated server or […]

Why Businesses Need A Dedicated Server

A business is forever growing. Living with limited resources is never ideal for a business. So, if your server and web applications are critical for your organization’s business, you have got to move from a shared server to a dedicated server.
A dedicated server is dedicated to your needs. It offers you greater reliability and high […]

How to Get a Dedicated Server

So, you want a dedicated server? Are you sure you are ready for it? Read an earlier post – Do You Need the Dedicated Server? – to find out if you really need one.
A dedicated server is important for your organization when you have business-critical applications on the […]

How Dedicated Servers Revolutionize Your Web Experience

Organizations that have websites being hosted by a shared host may not experience a problem until their bandwidth and space requirements increase. If the traffic to your website is increasing rapidly, you should consider a dedicated server. It will provide you enough resources for an improved performance of your website. That’s not all. A dedicated […]

Is it Time to Move to a Dedicated Server?

Do you wonder if you should move to a dedicated server? Seeing businesses invest in dedicated servers and looking at the benefits they have to offer, it is likely that you will wonder if it time for your business to acquire one. The best way to find out if shared hosting, your current hosting plan […]

Who Should Go for a Dedicated Web Server?

The title of this post could have been ‘Who Needs a Dedicated Web Server?’ We decided to make the change because there is a difference between needing something and being worthy of it. I must clarify that I do not mean that a website that needs a dedicated server does not deserve it; what I […]