How to Create Custom Error Pages for Nginx

In a previous posts, we have discussed the finer points of creating custom error pages for an Apache web server installation. But what should you do if your web server is Nginx rather than Apache? The process of configuring an error page is somewhat different.
To begin, you will need to create a normal HTML document, […]

How to Create Custom Error Documents

One way you can increase your brand’s awareness while also providing failure-proof navigation for your customers is to make custom error documents. Users on your dedicated server may decide to use their own error documents for individual websites, but most will leave the default error documents the system administrator selects. If the sysadmin […]

Common Apache Error Codes

At one time or another, you or your clients are going to receive one or many of these Apache error codes. While Apache does give a brief phrase indicating what each error represents, it does little more than that. Here is a rundown of the most common Apache error codes.
404 Not Found – […]