Improve PHP Performance with HipHop

HipHop can improve your server’s PHP performance. No, I do not mean the hip hop you might hear on your favorite rapper’s latest album. In this case, HipHop refers to some PHP improvements originally created by Facebook and then released as free and open source software. HipHop can significantly increase PHP web application speed and […]

3 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Server

Social media has permeated throughout the personal, entertainment, and business lives of millions of people, and although it may not directly impact your dedicated server, you can leverage its power for promotion, communication, and even technical management.
Whether you are running a web hosting company or using your dedicated server for a single large site, promoting […]

How Important Are SSL Certificates?

For those who do not know, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is a security feature, supported by most web servers, that encrypts web data using HTTPS rather than HTTP. For normal web browsing, SSL will probably not make much of a difference, but we live in a time when dynamic web sites […]