Server End of Year Tasks 2: Scan for Vulnerabilities

As the end of the year approaches, you have probably fallen behind on some of your routine security checks. The holiday season is a busy time for hackers who try to exploit the increased online user activity, especially the activity of holiday shoppers. Sometimes security can cost you money, so it is a good idea […]

3 Lessons I Learned About Security

In my years as a system administrator, I learned that security is much more complex than most people realize. You cannot get away with doing just one thing. One security measure will not save your dedicated server or VPS. Your security must be comprehensive and constantly adapting to defend against intruders. The following are three […]

5 Tips to Manage an Unmanaged Server

The idea of an unmanaged server can seem appealing, particularly for website owners who typically like a “do-it-yourself” approach to technology. Even for a seasoned tech expert, however, managing a server for the first time can be a frightening experience. Here are five tips to help you weather the storm.
1. Backup Everything – […]

5 Horrible Server Security Practices

There are plenty of horrible ways to get your server hacked, cracked, botnetted, malwared, spammed, virus infected, and any number of awful scenarios, but some are worse than others. I have more sympathy for a server administrator who is subjected to SQL injections and other stealthy, even sinister plots. They probably did not […]

Why Dedicated Servers Are More Secure

One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is if one website on the server gets hacked then it’s likely that other sites on the same server will get hacked as well. Of course, this depends on several factors, including the severity of the attack. But let’s assume that Site #1 was hacked and the […]

Do You Have A HoneyPot?

Server security is very important and in recent months has become even more important as hackers have increased their level of education and are becoming a bigger threat to servers of all kinds. One way to combat hackers is to offer them a honeypot.
A honeypot is a server that is set up to look like […] Webhosting Firm Hack Wipes Out Data For 100,000 Websites Due To Vulnerable Application By LXLabs

A large internet service provider said data for as many as 100,000 websites was destroyed by attackers who targeted a zero-day vulnerability in a widely-used virtualization application.
Technicians at UK-based were still scrambling to recover data on Monday evening UK time, more than 24 hours after unknown hackers were able to gain root access to […]