Should You Run from Web Hosting Gimmicks?

“Now, for a limited time only, you can get a free domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth for an unbelievably low price!”  You have likely seen similar promises from web hosting companies, and you may have been tempted to have your dedicated server or VPS hosted by them.
Their offers seem enticing, and it does […]

Data Center Tour Series:

While I had heard good things in the past about, it wasn’t until I started our data center tour series that I realized how truly unique their data center is. went to great lengths to try and pick the ideal location for their data center. Here are some of the requirements they […]

Hosting Company Profile:

We don’t recommend a lot of web hosting companies, but one we do recommend is
The folks at are friendly and knowledgeable and capable of handling a wide variety of services. Some of the best offerings of the company include:

Dedicated servers for Windows and Linux
Managed exchange hosting
Managed grid hosting
Colocation services
Support for […]

Not All Web Hosting Companies Are Created Equal

When it comes to web hosting companies, buyer beware! Not all companies are on the up and up. But there are different levels of shoddy service.
With some companies you get good technical service and lousy customer service. That’s tolerable if you don’t require customer service very often. Other hosting companies provide great customer service and […]