Using Cloud Platforms to Test Server Configurations

Over time your dedicated server will become like your baby, and no good mothers or fathers want to run tests on their babies. Child experimentation is generally considered a “no no”. The same applies to your server. A failed test could spell disaster, so it is better to have some method of testing.
In previous posts, […]

Virtual Windows Options on Linux Servers

In most circumstances, you will probably only run a single operating system on your server.  Dual booting makes little sense, as anything that normally runs on the other OS will be off while the current one is running.  For situations where you need two OSes, virtualization is a viable and increasingly popular solution.
On a Linux […]

Remote Server Virtualization with VBoxHeadless

VirtualBox is an excellent tool for running a virtual machine either for testing or production environments.  The default setting, however, is for a desktop computer, requiring a graphical interface to run it.  On your Linux server, there usually is no graphical interface.  For that reason, VirtualBox has a feature called VBoxHeadless, which allows you to […]

Why CentOS is So Popular

Many web hosting providers, perhaps even most, use CentOS to power their dedicated servers.  Of the many options for paid operating systems (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or even Windows) or free operating systems (such as Debian or Slackware), these hosts choose CentOS.  The question is “Why?”  What is so special about this Linux […]

Why Linux is Good for Your Server

Money matters but cannot be the only factor ruling your decision to choose the operating system for your server. Let’s look at the other factors.
If your website(s) needs PHP, MySQL, or Perl, you have to go for Linux. Windows does not offer support for these scripting languages. There you go. A strong, valid reason for […]

Why Linux Dedicated Server Works

How do you choose the operating system for your dedicated server? By your experience or by others’ experience? When it comes to the server operating system, your prior experience may not work well if it is not related to a server. In fact, others’ experience may not also work, especially if your needs are different […]

Why Linux May Be a Better Choice for Your Server

There is one battle that has been on since the world embraced computers and operating systems: the battle between the mighty Windows and the upright and sturdy Linux. Internet forums are flooded with discussions on which one is better. While individuals and organizations have chosen their winners, there hasn’t been any clear winner. Windows work […]

Windows Server Hosting Vs. Linux Server Hosting

One of the longest running debates in the history of technology has been the Windows vs. Linux debate. You may alienate the advocates of one if you say anything good about the other. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Windows vs. Linux debate in the web and server hosting world has also heated […]

Windows vs. Linux Dedicated Servers

When it comes time to obtain a dedicated server, you essentially have two platforms to choose from: Windows and Linux.  Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, ranging from costs to application requirements.
Programming Technologies and Database Servers
The major difference between Windows and Linux lies in the applications and development technologies.  If you intend to […]