Top Web Server Software for Dedicated Servers

Netcraft publishes a list of the web’s most widely used web server software every month. Here is a brief look at each of those top web servers and what they can do.
Microsoft IIS (37% market share) – Microsoft Internet Information Services is the web server designed specifically for Microsoft Windows Server operating […]

List All Linux Commands with Compgen

A Linux dedicated server is all about commands. At some point, you will inevitably need to manage it from SSH (Secure Shell), which means you will be presented with a command line interface. While you may already know some commands, it is nice to see what the server offers as a whole. You can do […]

How to Find Users on a Linux Server

There are a couple of ways to find out users information in Linux. One of the most basic methods is to use the “who” command. This will tell you who is currently logged in to your Linux dedicated server.
First, log into your system’s shell via SSH. Next, login in as […]