Load Balancer in Server Clustering

A group works better than individuals. And that is why a cluster of servers reaps more benefits than individual servers. So, how does server clustering work? Look at the clustered servers as a team, not just a group. One server takes up the load (of work) when another server cannot.
Now, the term that describes how […]

What Happens in Server Clustering?

We have told you that clustering servers makes servers perform better and increases the availability of our applications. What exactly happens is that when one server in a cluster fails or cannot handle a task properly, other servers come to its rescue, ensuring maximum availability of your network applications.
Clustering is done by binding servers together. […]

How the Load Balancer Works

When you win a football match, who gets the credit? The entire team, even if there was a star player of the day. In the match, one person doesn’t take control of the ball. The ball is passed on to whoever can take it nearer to the goal. Servers behave like members of a team […]