Why Scalable Hosting is So Important for Business

Businesses invest a great deal of money into dedicated servers. What may start with one server and a few gigabytes of data can eventually grow into an entire server cluster with several petabytes of data. Ideally, a hosting or colocation provider will give businesses the tools to smoothly transition from one stage of development to […]

A Look at Varnish Cache Web Application Accelerator

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to speed up your website is to use some form of caching.  You can cache anything that is dynamic on a dedicated server.  A cache is a parcel of information kept in memory or on disk for speedy access.  In the world of dynamic websites, those created […]

Cluster Server Storage with GlusterFS

When operating a dedicated server with multiple nodes, there are various filesystem options, but one that is particularly designed for server clusters is GlusterFS. Scalability is very important for large server installations, and GlusterFS provides the necessary tools.
The software’s project website describes GlusterFS as an “open source cluster storage solution” that is “a […]

Load Balancing

For a small server that does not reach anywhere near its bandwidth or hardware limits, load balancing may not be relevant. For a powerhouse server, however, that receives a near maximum amount of monthly traffic, problems with high CPU and RAM load may be a serious issue. Putting too much load on a […]

Dedicated Server Redundancy

An average server takes a beating over the years. Hosting websites, fighting off attacks, and simply staying on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week can wear down even the best servers. Furthermore, as a server’s users grow, and the websites it hosts become more popular, increased traffic can cause higher […]

How the Load Balancer Works

When you win a football match, who gets the credit? The entire team, even if there was a star player of the day. In the match, one person doesn’t take control of the ball. The ball is passed on to whoever can take it nearer to the goal. Servers behave like members of a team […]

An Overview of Load Balancing

What do you do when you have a lot of work and you know you cannot finish it with one resource? You distribute it among several resources. We do this all the time, at home, at work, everywhere. It is, therefore, logical to bring this concept to the virtual world. Today, I will introduce you […]

Load Balancing Basics

Even regular internet traffic demands a great deal of resources from a web server.  Mere routine traffic is enough to make the hardware perform sluggishly and eventually fail once it is overloaded.  One factor that has proven to effectively mitigate these issues is a technology known as load balancing.
What is Load Balancing?
Load balancing is a […]