Managed Dedicated Servers Provide Several Business Benefits

We have told you how dedicated hosting offers you the reliability and security that shared hosting cannot provide. The dedicated server is good, but you know what is better? The managed dedicated server. Managed hosting adds that icing on the cake of the dedicated server, providing you complete peace of mind when it comes to […]

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Letting others manage something that you own may trouble the control freaks or the micro-managers but for most of the people, it brings peace of mind, especially, if the ones handling the management are experts in the domain. Managed hosting brings the same relief for owners of dedicated servers. Let’s look at the benefits of […]

What is a Managed Server?

Management is never simple, especially when it comes to technical management. While website owners find dedicated servers the ideal way to host their websites on the web, they find their management extremely cumbersome. Web hosting companies rescue businesses by offering in-house management. Thus, dedicated servers are broadly classified into two categories: managed and unmanaged. A […]