5 Signs You Need a Managed Server

Unmanaged servers are available all over the web for lease. They are cheap, rapidly deployed and usually connected to very fast networks inside of secure data centers. Nevertheless, an unmanaged server is not for everyone. Here are five signs you need a managed server rather than an unmanaged one.

Your frustration level has reached an all-time […]

Steps to Take When Your Server Is Unresponsive

The day has finally arrived. You feared it would come and tried to prepare for it, but now that it is here, you are frozen, not sure what to do. That moment when you go to your website and realize it is offline or, even worse, get a call from a client complaining about down […]

Tips for Hiring Third-Party Server Managers

Managing a server may not be your thing. You may cringe whenever you see a tech specialist drop to the command line and start punching away at the keyboard. That does not mean you cannot have a dedicated server and even be successful with a online business that requires one. The key […]

Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when deciding to get a dedicated server is whether you will use a managed server or unmanaged server. On the surface, the differences are clear: a managed server, like those offered by 34SP.com, are systems in which your service provider, to some degree, takes care […]

Managed Hosting Gives You The Much-Needed Peace Of Mind

Managed hosting or outsourced management of your dedicated server promises to give you peace of mind, the reason why organizations are lapping it up. But, yes, not all organizations are sure if they should go for managed hosting. Now, among other benefits that managed hosting offers, it lets you focus on your core business. Let’s […]

Can You Manage Your Dedicated Server?

You would want to own a dedicated server for the numerous benefits it offers. However, such a server brings along responsibilities. You have to take care of it; you have to manage it. How well equipped are you to look after your server?
When you decide to invest in a dedicated server, you can go for […]

What is a Managed Server?

Management is never simple, especially when it comes to technical management. While website owners find dedicated servers the ideal way to host their websites on the web, they find their management extremely cumbersome. Web hosting companies rescue businesses by offering in-house management. Thus, dedicated servers are broadly classified into two categories: managed and unmanaged. A […]

How Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Helps Businesses

Dedicated servers are good; managed dedicated servers are all the better. What makes managed dedicated server hosting so lucrative? In today’s post, we’ll look at the four As that translate into business benefits of managed hosting.
Managed server hosting ensures that your website is always available. With continuous server monitoring, it ensures that the downtimes are […]

The Unmanaged Dedicated Server: Your Responsibility

There are managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers. With managed servers, your host does the maintenance and takes care of the day-to-day management of the server. With an unamanaged server, however, it is your responsibility to keep the server opratational.
The web host’s responsibility in an unamanaged server situation is to simply provide the hardware […]