5 More Basic Server Security Tips

In a previous post, we highlighted some crucial security measures you should adopt to keep your dedicated server safe. What follows are five more tips that are of equal or even greater importance.
1. Restrict root – Root, the administrator or super user has full control of your server. Ideally, only one person should be […]

Must Have Linux/Unix Server Tools: Part 2

In part one, we looked at some of the bare essentials for getting started with your new server. The following are a few others that are sometimes essential, depending on what you want to do.
Server-side Scripting – If you are going to run dynamic websites, which you almost certainly will, you will need some type […]

How to Install ModSecurity in CentOS

ModSecurity is an application firewall that protects your server from script exploits found in web applications.  It is a great tool you can use to tighten security and adds another layer of protection in addition to your network firewall.  This is a brief guide that should help you get ModSecurity installed on a dedicated server […]

4 Tips to Secure Apache Web Servers

Having an ironclad firewall for your dedicated server is only part of the equation when it comes to security. Certain ports on your server must remain open in order for it to function, and any open port is a potential target for would-be attackers. Port 80, the standard HTTP port used by Apache, […]

Secure Apache Server with ModSecurity

Your server’s security is a top priority. After all, you have undoubtedly spent a good deal of time and money acquiring, configuring, marketing, and optimizing your server. The moment it connects to the Internet, however, it has entered a hostile environment.
The first line of defense on any server is the network firewall. […]

Securing Apache with ModSecurity

Out of all of the web servers available on the market, both free and open source, Apache HTTP Server is the most widely used. It has become the standard for most Linux-based servers and is commonly the default for many other Unix-like operating systems. It is generally regarded as secure, but even […]