How to String Multiple Linux Commands Together

On a Linux dedicated server, the shell provides a powerful arsenal of commands for you to manage your system. Used in isolation, these commands can be very effective. Used in combination, you can truly unlock the power of your system.
There are a few ways to string commands together. One of the most basic tools you […]

Extend Linux Commands with a Pipe

Piping may draw up all sorts of images in your head that have nothing to do with dedicated servers or Linux, but the use of the pipe on a server is a great way to make your single-line commands more effective.
The pipe is actually the symbol “|”, which is right above the Enter key on […]

Mail Server Email Aliases

An email alias is a name that appears before the @ symbol in an email address, which actually refers to another account or location. For example, the alias “billing” may actually point to an email account on your server called “sales”. A single email account can have multiple aliases, and an alias can […]