What Kind of Managed Hosting Support Do You Get?

When it comes to managed hosting, what is your biggest concern? I ask you this because recently, someone else asked me the same thing. If I were to point to one thing, I would say support. The kind of support the hosting company offers you determines how your server/websites perform.
Support is the biggest reason I […]

How Rackspace Makes the Cloud Real and Useful

I haven’t talked about cloud computing in some time, have I? The hoopla over the cloud has left some people utterly confused. While there is too much information about the cloud, including its advantages as well as disadvantages, not everyone really knows how real the cloud is.
I have come up with a very simple example […]

Rackspace Went Down Yesterday

Browsing Techcrunch this morning, I just found out that Rackspace had a complete outage yesterday at one of its datacenters. For those who do not know, Rackspace is one of the premium managed dedicated server providers in the World, with nine global datacenters.
Upon further investigation, the Rackspace blog starts off with this post […]