How to Edit php.ini In WHM

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages on the web. Many large, medium, and small websites rely on it to provide dynamic content. Whenever you need to adjust the settings of PHP, you will need to access the php.ini file. It is easy enough to access through SSH, but if you ever […]

How to Reset a Lost MySQL Password

Chances are, you have at least a dozen passwords for your server, computers, phones, email, social network, and bank account. It is tough enough to remember commonly-used passwords without even thinking about your MySQL password. The general perception is that, if you lose your MySQL administrative password, you are up a creek without […]

What is PHP Safe Mode?

The general term “safe mode” refers to a state in which a software application has been stripped to its bare minimum configuration, usually in order to troubleshoot stability or security issues. Windows users who have experienced any type of serious system anomalies have undoubtedly been forced to boot into safe mode at one time […]