Open Source Cluster Management Tools

There comes a time in the life of a server when one is simply not enough. When that occurs, many organizations setup some type of server cluster. Each individual machine becomes a node that interfaces with the collective whole, rather than an individual server by itself.
There are several open source tools that you can use […]

Do Cluster Servers Really Help?

Are clustered servers just a group of servers? Do they really help? What are the business benefits of server clustering? If these questions bother you, you are at the right place. Today’s post will try answering these questions.
Server clustering came into being as a solution to do away with the limitations of individual servers. And […]

Load Balancer in Server Clustering

A group works better than individuals. And that is why a cluster of servers reaps more benefits than individual servers. So, how does server clustering work? Look at the clustered servers as a team, not just a group. One server takes up the load (of work) when another server cannot.
Now, the term that describes how […]

Server Clustering Benefits

Server clustering came into being to do away with the limitations of single servers. And it promised a lot. It has delivered too. The MSDN library lists the following as the benefits of clustering:

Improved scalability – Server Clustering enables applications to handle more load.
Higher availability – Server Clustering helps applications avoid interruptions in service.
Greater flexibility […]

Clustering Brings More Than Business Continuity

Unity is strength, so said books in school. More than real life, the maxim seems to make sense in technology, well, not always. But clustering of servers seems to have emerged because of the maxim. Clustering brings the benefits of a group of servers that are united and work together. Thus, clustered servers do away […]

What Happens in Server Clustering?

We have told you that clustering servers makes servers perform better and increases the availability of our applications. What exactly happens is that when one server in a cluster fails or cannot handle a task properly, other servers come to its rescue, ensuring maximum availability of your network applications.
Clustering is done by binding servers together. […]

Server Clustering Has Its Limitations

Cluster servers are a good way to ensure round-the-clock availability of your applications. They minimize downtimes and recover from downtimes fast, offering business continuity. Server clustering seems to be an ideal solution rescuing us from the problems of the single server. However, clustering has its limitations. Let me explain.
Clustering of servers require you to own […]

Pros and Cons of Server Clustering

A group of servers working together helps where the single server fails. I guess the notion of bringing servers together to form a cluster came from the adage ‘unity is strength’. The concept of cluster servers promises business continuity in instances of a major problem with a server. However, clustering has some limitations too. In […]

Why Cluster Dedicated Servers are Better Than Single Ones

The concept of bringing servers together to form a cluster was brought in because one server could not provide assurance on high availability and business continuity. Cluster servers impressed organizations with all the promised they made. Let’s look at how cluster servers can help your business.

Cluster servers cause work load to be distributed across several […]

Should You Go for Cluster Servers?

Every technologically-savvy business today makes use of all possible gadgets and applications. The sheer volume of applications used by a business can overwhelm the server that’s playing the host to them. A single server fails to manage the applications efficiently, leading to downtimes or unavailability of certain applications. Now, common sense says that if there […]