What are the Major Advantages of Business Colocation?

As a business, hosting is a very important thing. It may be what keeps you going and keeps everything running smoothly.
You have many different hosting options all the way from shared hosting to dedicated and even colocation. For many businesses, colocation makes quite a bit of sense, especially if you already own servers.
Colocation […]

Colocation for Fuss-Free Server Maintenance

Dedicated servers are typically kept in-house or kept with a hosting company to manage. However, managed hosting is something not all organizations can afford. There is another kind of system where your dedicated server is kept in the premises of a hosting company, and you decide the level of server management you seek from it. […]

How Good is a Colocation Server?

On one hand, owning a server gives you control, and thus, peace of mind. On the other, it snatches your peace of mind with the responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining it. The concept of server colocation offers to provide you control and absolute peace of mind at the same time. A colocation server is a […]

Benefits of a Colocation Server

A colocation server is a one that is owned by a business but resides in the premises of a hosting company. The business pays a rent to the hosting company. At times, even a hosting company can offer you a server on rent.
So, how different is a colocation server from a dedicated one? A colocation […]

Does Your Server Need Colocation?

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to colocation as an alternative to in-house and managed hosting.  Colocation is a service that allows you to store your servers and network equipment in a hosting provider’s data center.  This type of arrangement has numerous benefits.  First of all, your business gets a connection to the internet, […]