How to Manage Linux Server Timezone Settings

Setting your date and time correctly on your Linux server is very important. Your server logs and other important information will all reflect the timezone of your server. In most cases, you will want to set your server’s time to match your own local time, but if your server is remote or hosting sites for […]

What Is OpenSSH?

SSH stands for Secure Shell. OpenSSH is the open source version of SSH. But what is it used for?
Secure Shell is a protocol for securing your network connections to prevent hacking, eavesdropping, and other server attacks. It is used to encrypt data that is passed from one computer to another. It is very important when […]

Using SSL Certification To Secure Your Server

One of the most important server configuration protocols for any business is the SSL Certification. This is an Apache security certification option that allows businesses to secure their information from snoops trying to sneak into the server area to steal or access sensitive data. You don’t want to configure your server without it.
On the initial […]

Consider Secure Access Levels For Your Server Configuration Plan

When you set up your server configuration there are a few things that should be foremost on your mind. One of those is server security. You don’t want to configure a server without some kind of firewall and protection for you private information. If you are reselling your server space to other who will use […]

How Should You Configure Your Dedicated Server?

When you realize that you need a dedicated hosting solution to take your website to the next level of performance, you may want to consider signing up with a provider that gives you more than just the server.  A respectable host will facilitate a thorough hardware configuration process to ensure that you get the […]