The Importance of Managed Hosting

It’s strange to find out how some organizations look at managed hosting. Outsourcing the management of a server is considered strange because you are asking someone else to take care of something that you own. Then there is the amount of money involved. Let me first tell you why the money part should not bother […]

Get Your Dedicated Server Managed by Professionals

The benefits of a dedicated server may tempt you into buying one right away, but are you prepared to handle the challenges and responsibilities it brings along? Your decision to buy a dedicated server should be supported well by your ability to manage it, either by resources or money. The server won’t reap you benefits […]

Why You Should Outsource the Management of Your Server

When an organization owns a dedicated server, it knows it has to manage it too. Now, management of the dedicated server is no small task. Not all organizations are equipped to take care of server management on their own. We recommend outsourcing the management when you cannot. I know what bothers many businesses. They wonder […]