4 Things You Should Know About Today’s Server Management

Server management is a ever-changing arena, filled with new technology and security techniques that you need to learn and relearn. Suffice it is to say that the game has changed significantly in the past five years. The following are trends you should be aware of and prepare for in the near future.
1. Virtualization is […]

Linux Server Management Software

There was a time when pride dictated that a system administrator manage a Linux server with nothing more than a text-only terminal window and a cup of coffee. Times have changed, especially since even major enterprises need to manage their Linux servers quickly and effectively. The following are four useful server management options with varying […]

3 ls* Commands You Should Know

If you have even a small amount of Linux experience, you have probably used the “ls” command to list the contents of a directory. What you may not know is that there are numerous other ls-based commands that are extremely useful for server management. The following are 3 you should know:
1. lsblk – lists block […]

Lessons Learned from Dedicated Server Management

In my years of managing Dedicated Servers, I have picked up a few tidbits of wisdom along the way. Not all of this wisdom will apply to every server in every situation, but hopefully you will take something useful away from this.

Rebooting will not solve everything. In my early server days, I used […]

How to Install Webmin on a CentOS Server

Webmin is a free and open source web-based interface for Unix and Linux system administration. It is more powerful and more comprehensive than the typical web-based control panel, and it is also completely free to download and use. You can install Webmin on just about any Linux distribution, BSD variant, or other Unix-like operating system. […]

Webmin Server Management Control Panel

Managing a Linux server, the most common and universal way to access it is directly from the command line console.  If you do not have physical access to the server, as many system administrators do not these days, you will probably use a tool like SSH.  Linux servers do not normally come with graphical interfaces, […]

How Do You Manage Your Server?

Got a server of your own? Now you would want to reap all the benefits of the server. But do you know how to do it? Can you manage your server on your own?
Server management is something that leaves even large organizations overwhelmed. What do you do then? Ask a hosting company to manage […]

What Happens in Managed Hosting?

The reason we ask you to go for managed hosting is for the professional management of your server. So, what exactly happens in managed hosting? How does it differ from internal management of the server? Let me explain.
The help starts from the setting up of the server. Managed hosting takes care of setting up and […]

The Four A’s of Managed Hosting

What goes in your mind when you buy a dedicated server? Benefits for your business. And how do you make sure that you get all the benefits of the server? By taking care of the server well and you need experts to handle that.
I am sure you have got an internal team of dedicated […]

How Do You Manage Your Server?

So you have got a dedicated server? Now what? How do you propose to manage it? In-house? Great! So, do you have a dedicated team for the server’s management? Can they handle it efficiently? What are the benefits you want of reap of the server? Can you ensure business continuity in case of a failure? […]

Managed Hosting for the Dedicated Server

The dedicated server needs dedicated management. If you can assure good, efficient management in-house, go ahead. But make sure it is really efficient. If you cannot guarantee that, outsource your server’s management to a hosting company.
You want to reap all the benefits of the dedicated server. For that, you need a professional team looking after […]

The Importance of Managed Hosting

It’s strange to find out how some organizations look at managed hosting. Outsourcing the management of a server is considered strange because you are asking someone else to take care of something that you own. Then there is the amount of money involved. Let me first tell you why the money part should not bother […]

How to Manage a Dedicated Server

Once you get a dedicated server you have to worry about a lot of things like its location, maintenance, security, performance monitoring, and optimization. Managing the server is not an easy task. So, how do you manage it?
If you ask me, I would recommend going for professional management. Outsourcing your server’s management promises to […]

What Kind of Server Management Are You Going For?

When you go for managed hosting, you want a hosting company who can take care of your server like it is theirs. You are not just looking at professional services but an understanding of what your needs are. Choosing a hosting company that meets all your needs and provides quality service is not an easy […]

How Are You Getting Your Dedicated Server Managed?

If you want to get all the benefits of a dedicated server, you have got to manage it right. And the management of the server is a big deal. Many organizations don’t buy the dedicated server because of the complexity of its management. Well, the easiest way to reap the benefits of the server is […]

Get Your Dedicated Server Managed by Professionals

The benefits of a dedicated server may tempt you into buying one right away, but are you prepared to handle the challenges and responsibilities it brings along? Your decision to buy a dedicated server should be supported well by your ability to manage it, either by resources or money. The server won’t reap you benefits […]

Why You Should Outsource the Management of Your Server

When an organization owns a dedicated server, it knows it has to manage it too. Now, management of the dedicated server is no small task. Not all organizations are equipped to take care of server management on their own. We recommend outsourcing the management when you cannot. I know what bothers many businesses. They wonder […]

Outsource Server Management Without Spending a Fortune

The thought of managed hosting often makes people wonder about the cost. Managed hosting definitely promises to offer you the peace of mind you so long for – the peace of mind to focus on your business and not on the peripherals. Owning a server brings along a lot of responsibilities and it is definitely […]

Managed Hosting Gives You an Edge Over the Competition

The reason people want to outsource management of any kind is because of the peace of mind they get. The deal with the management of the dedicated server is the same. Organizations would like to outsource it and relax, but there are two factors that keep them from going for managed hosting:

Expenses – Organizations worry […]

Why Go For Managed Hosting

A dedicated server can bring in all its benefits only if it is managed well. That is the reason one needs to make sure that one can manage it before investing in it. You will obviously want to manage it on your own. But, it may not be a good idea always. First, it requires […]

Don’t Let the Management of Your Dedicated Server Bother You

Responsibilities, at times, make us afraid and back out. But if you are letting the fear of responsibilities interfere with your business, you are definitely not doing good business. So, if you are delaying getting a dedicated server just because you don’t want to take on the responsibility of taking care of it, I am […]

Managed Hosting Need Not Be Expensive

More often than not, the perceived complexity of server management is what deters people from owning servers. I say, if you need a dedicated server, you gotta have one. Don’t let its management bother you. You can always go for managed hosting. Isn’t that expensive? Well, it’s not free and yet I wouldn’t call it […]

Taking Care of Your Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is definitely bliss. But it brings on trouble as well. The trouble of monitoring and managing it everyday. Server management is no mean task. It takes a dedicated team to manage a dedicated server. So, what do you do? Dedicate a team. But there could be problems with the internal team as […]

Who’s Managing Your Datacenter?

Datacenter management is a growing concern for many companies. It will continue to be a big concern as more companies opt for solutions like cloud computing and cluster servers. If you have more than two clusters in your operating environment then a datacenter could be very beneficial to you.
A datacenter is simply a central location […]