Comparison of Linux and Windows as Server Operating System

The argument of which operating system is better – Windows or Linux – has been on since the very inception of these operating systems and is likely to continue till the day we stop use them. In today’s post, we will look at how they fare as operating systems for the web server.
While Linux is […]

Why Linux is Good for Your Server

Money matters but cannot be the only factor ruling your decision to choose the operating system for your server. Let’s look at the other factors.
If your website(s) needs PHP, MySQL, or Perl, you have to go for Linux. Windows does not offer support for these scripting languages. There you go. A strong, valid reason for […]

Why Linux Makes Sense in the Server World

Well, Linux makes sense not only in the server world but even in the world outside it. However, the operating system seems to make a little more sense for businesses using servers. How? Read on.
For starters, Linux is open-source, therefore, a cost-effective option for businesses.
If you are thinking cost is the major reason for going […]

When Windows Becomes a Must for Your Server

Computer education, for most people, begins with a hands-on of Windows and MS Office. More often than not, people don’t know about other operating systems for long; some never know. So when it comes to choosing the operating system for their dedicated servers, people tend to go with what they are already familiar with: Windows.
But […]

Why Linux Dedicated Server Works

How do you choose the operating system for your dedicated server? By your experience or by others’ experience? When it comes to the server operating system, your prior experience may not work well if it is not related to a server. In fact, others’ experience may not also work, especially if your needs are different […]

Why Linux Goes Well With Servers

If you are one of those who put in a lot of research before buying the smallest of things, you are not going for just any operating system for your server. So, how are you going to choose the operating system? Will you go with your past experience or listen to what others have to […]

Why Windows Works as a Server OS

The other day, a computer-illiterate friend called me and said, “My son is getting an operating system for the home computer. And it’s not Windows and it’s free!” I smiled. During our conversation he wondered why the world wanted to pay for something when there was an alternative available for free. So, folks, I ask […]

Why Linux is Well-Suited to Servers

One of my friends recently said, “Call me biased, but I would never go for anything other than Linux for my server.” Yeah, those were the exact words. I know several other people who would argue that Unix or Windows is as much good. However, my friend’s conviction got me thinking. And boy, I found […]

Advantages of Windows Dedicated Servers

In our previous post, we glanced at the advantages of the Linux dedicated server. Today, we’ll look at the benefits its rival, Windows dedicated server, has to offer.

Support for .NET technologies: The .NET technology is a software framework developed by Microsoft. Therefore, Windows dedicated server is essential for websites that have been built […]

Windows Server 2008 – The Latest, But The Greatest?

The latest version of the Windows Server operating system is Windows Server 2008. While Windows has its evangelists, it also has its detractors. Not everyone is enamored of Windows and its server operating system is another product in a line of many that has its friends and its enemies. But should you use it?
While we’d […]

Why Linux Gets ‘Best Of Breed’ Vote

There are different versions of Linux, but they are all essentially the same – at the core, if you will. It started as an open source, ergo ‘free’, software package and it still is. But you can purchase an out-of-the-box solution as well. Those solutions may have additional features that the free open source version […]