Why Virtual Servers Make Sense

We have always insisted that you go for a virtual private server (VPS) when you can no longer live with the shared server but cannot afford the dedicated server as yet. What makes virtual servers so good? Well, first, let’s understand what a virtual server is. When a physical server is partitioned into logical divisions, […]

Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the concept of treating a physical server as multiple logical servers. How does that help? Let’s have a look.
Virtual servers reduce your costs. Virtualization causes you to buy less hardware thereby saving you money. Also the operating costs are reduced with virtualization.
Virtualization makes the servers stable and reduces downtimes considerably thereby making […]

Server Virtualization for Control and Security

There was a time when virtual meant ‘not real’, but today everything virtual has developed an identity of its own. Virtualization makes sense in a lot of areas. In web hosting too. An organization may not be comfortable at the prospect of acquiring a dedicated server of its own just a yet. And it may […]

How Does Server Virtualization Help?

For the uninitiated, virtualization of server refers to the partitioning of a server into a number of logical (virtual) servers. As is obvious, owning virtual servers helps you reduce costs. However, it wasn’t just the cost factor that made server virtualization popular. For the ones who could not afford their own dedicated servers, virtual servers […]

Why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Makes Sense

Imagine living in a dormitory where everyone is scrambling for space, and you have to really struggle to get some extra space for your belongings. Now, imagine the dorm being partitioned into cubicles, one for each. And if you pay more, you can even have two or more cubicles for yourself. These partitions may not […]

Is Server Virtualization Good for Businesses?

What is server virtualization anyway? It simply refers to the logical partitioning of servers into several sub-servers. Each of these sub-servers is referred to as a virtual server. You may wonder if virtualization makes any difference given the physical server remains the same. When you cannot afford to own a complete server, you have to […]

What is the Big Deal about Server Virtualization?

A friend recently asked if we were going crazy with defining virtualization within an already virtual world. Many would share his thought. The term ‘virtual’ has taken a nested avatar, one within another. Server virtualization is one such concept. However, if you look closely, you’ll realize that though the web is virtual, the web server […]

Is Server Virtualization Any Good?

Cost was not the only factor behind virtualization of servers. High availability and reliability driven by smart allocation of resources are what made virtualization emerge and stay. So, how does server virtualization help businesses? In today’s post, we’ll find out just that.

Cost reduction: Virtualization causes you to buy less hardware, thereby saving you money. Also […]

Understanding Server Virtualization

Virtualization is not a new concept in the computing world. It refers to virtual entities made of a tangible entity. Server virtualization is similar in concept. A server is virtually petitioned into several sections, allowing each section to work individually. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a result of server virtualization. I was looking for […]