Which Hosting is the Best Value for You?

With all the options in the hosting world, it may be difficult to understand which hosting will provide you with the best value. Part of the issue is the way we define value. In many ways, value is known as cheap or inexpensive when this isn’t the truth.
What is Value in the Hosting World?
In the […]

Is it Wise to Oversell to Your VPS Customers

Overselling is not a new concept. Every web hosting company that offers “unlimited” anything (bandwidth, disk space, etc.) is overselling. There is always a limit, even if they do not tell their customers. Their bet is that at least some customers, maybe even most, will not use up all the resources at once. It […]

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Dedicated Hosting

Your shared hosting account has probably served you well for quite some time, but there comes a time when it might be a good idea to upgrade your website(s) to a dedicated hosting plan. There are definitely financial factors that determine when you can and will get a dedicated server, but today we will look […]

7 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server in 2012

2011 came and went, and you still do not have a dedicated server. There are plenty of reasons why you might not be ready for one, and we have covered some of those reasons in previous posts. But inevitably, there are some of you out there who are ready to get a dedicated server, but […]

Restricting Shared Hosting Accounts

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple users share the same server. If you have a dedicated server, you might offer shared hosting accounts to your users who need hosting accounts with their own domains but are not ready for a VPS or dedicated server of their own.
Because shared hosting users have […]

Do You Need a Dedicated Server for One Website?

If you are new to web hosting or are just getting started with your website, the whole idea of a dedicated server may be foreign to you. At some point, however, you might find yourself in need of one or even several. In many situations, people use dedicated servers for multiple websites, but there are […]

Should Shared Hosting Customers Have SSH Access?

Over at The Hosting News, we asked the question, “Do you need SSH with shared hosting?” This is a common question among shared hosting users, particularly those who are more adept at technologly. Here at Server School, we focus on dedicated servers, so the question for you is different. Should shared hosting customers have […]

Should You Offer SSH Access?

With a Linux or Unix dedicated server, you will probably access it via SSH on a regular basis. It is an essential feature for server system administrators. For other users, however, it is usually not essential and may even be a security risk. Do your hosting customers or company employees need access? A lot of […]

5 Uses for Dedicated Servers Other Than Web Hosting

It is a common misconception that the only reason you might need a dedicated server is to start your own web hosting company or reseller.  Dedicated servers are useful for a variety purposes, both on the Internet and in on-premise intranets.  From cloud platforms to dedicated application servers, the uses for dedicated servers are numerous. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to make the move to a dedicated server.  While most people think in terms of space or power, not all reasons revolve around these factors.  Here are 10 of the top reasons you might want to get a full dedicated server.
1. You run a business and […]

What is a Chroot Jail?

On Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux, a chroot jail is the common expression used to describe a section of a filesystem that is sectioned off for a particular user. On a web server, it is particularly useful for the security of shared hosting accounts.
Without a chroot jail, a user with limited file permissions […]

Shared Hosting is Not for Your Business

If you have a business that has any dependence on your web presence, you cannot go on with shared hosting for too long. Why? Well, for starters, you don’t have control over the server. It’s not yours; you don’t own it. You cannot configure it the way you like. You have to depend on the […]

Don’t Live With Shared Hosting if You’re Doing Business Online

Once you get used to something, it becomes very difficult to break away from it and adopt something new. Organizations that have been using shared hosting for long are reluctant to even try a new kind of hosting, even if they face problems in the shared form of hosting.
I know many of you would say […]

What Kind Of Web Hosting Have You Experienced

The term ‘web’ ceased to mean the spider’s web a long time ago. And the emergence of the world wide web saw various types of hosting. You may have already heard about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In today’s post, we’ll look at the most popular hosting types including these two.
Free Hosting: This is called […]

Why Shared Hosting Doesn’t Work for Everyone

There is no denying the fact that shared hosting has problems. If you say you have been living with shared hosting for a long time without a problem, I will believe you. However, you may not have had a problem because the shared server was sufficient for your needs. If you own a business for […]

Why We Cannot Live With Shared Hosting

Yes, the web world has many depending on shared hosting, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The limitations of shared hosting come up only when businesses are involved. A business that has critical websites being hosted on the shared server cannot live with it for too long. Why? Let me explain.
A shared server […]

Do You Think It’s Time to Move to Dedicated Hosting?

You may feel the need for dedicated hosting now and then even if you are not ready for it. And the need arises from the simple fact that dedicated hosting has more to offer than shared hosting. So, how do you find out if you are really ready for the dedicated server? Let me share […]

Why it is Time to Shun Shared Hosting?

If reliability and availability come high in your list of requirements, you cannot continue to live with shared hosting. Even if you think you don’t need more resources than what the shared server offers, there are other reasons why you should shun shared hosting for a different type of hosting.
Imagine living in a house that […]

When to Move From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting has its share of benefits, but it is not for you if your business depends on your websites and web applications. You should move to a dedicated server when you realize that your business ambitions surpass what the shared host has to offer. Following are some scenarios that will tell you if you […]

Do You Need to Move to a Dedicated Server?

Shared hosting is not bad but it is just not sufficient. At least, not for those whose businesses depend on their websites and servers. Shared hosting interferes with your growing ambitions as it fails to accommodate them. Why? Let me explain.
If your need for server space increases, you definitely need something better than the shared […]

Shared Hosting is Not for Businesses, Dedicated Hosting is.

Shared hosting has its advantages. And if you have a website that is purely informative, shared hosting is perfect for you. However, if your business depends on your website in any way, you cannot live with shared hosting for long. An article published in the Hosting News website last week discusses the indirect SEO […]

Why Dedicated Servers Are More Secure

One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is if one website on the server gets hacked then it’s likely that other sites on the same server will get hacked as well. Of course, this depends on several factors, including the severity of the attack. But let’s assume that Site #1 was hacked and the […]

The Problems With Shared Hosting

OK, before you go all berserk denying there are any problems with shared hosting, let me tell you that I agree that shared hosting is the most popular web hosting method now. But that does not mean that it’s flawless. Of course, it is not. The biggest reason it is popular is because it is […]

3 Reasons it is Time to Move on from Shared Hosting

Let me begin by telling you that shared hosting is not bad. But it is definitely not for everyone, especially for businesses that thrive on network applications. If you have been with a shared host for long, it may be time for you to revisit your needs and figure out if you should stick to […]

Can Shared Hosting Handle Your Expanding Business?

You may think that anything that comes out on this blog cannot be in appreciation of shared hosting. Let me tell you that when we ask you to move on from a shared server, it is because we understand that shared hosting cannot accommodate your ambitions. There is nothing wrong with shared hosting, but it […]

Shared Hosting Cannot Satisfy Everyone

A friend asked why we criticize shared hosting so much when most of the websites use this hosting service. I retorted with “Does popularity necessarily mean quality?” He smiled and asked if I don’t have any proper arguments. This conversation got me thinking if I wasn’t making my thoughts clear on shared hosting. Yes, shared […]

How Shared Hosting Affects Your Identity

In an earlier post, we had discussed the limitations of shared hosting. There is another thing that is not typically listed as a limitation but may cause severe problems to websites. It is the common identity bestowed upon by shared hosting to all websites on a server.
A server is typically identified by an […]

Shared Hosting Can’t Accommodate Website Ambitions

What is wrong with shared hosting? Nothing, a lot of people will say. It is true shared hosting will not trouble you unless you have higher ambitions with respect to your website(s). In one of our earlier posts we had discussed when you should move from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.
No, we […]

Web Hosting Types

The advent of the World Wide Web made people interested in hosting their pages on the web. E-commerce gave way to web hosting of different kinds. Today, there are far too many different types of hosting services available. We’ll look at some of the major ones today.
Free Hosting
Free web hosting lets you publish your website […]

Why Shared Hosting May Not Last in the Future

Who would not want a server completely dedicated to one’s needs? However, shared or virtual hosting still remains popular. The biggest edge shared hosting has over other hosting schemes is its low cost. Experts, however, believe that shared hosting will not last too long in the future. Let us find out why.
Websites have, so far, […]