Should I Use CentOS for Business?

If you ask someone at Red Hat about CentOS, they will likely tell you that it is a great “community” distribution, but for enterprise servers, you need Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the support that comes with it. This is their job, of course, to promote their own software, but there is also some truth […]

How Datacenters Benefit Businesses

Technical terms have never been simpler. The term ‘server farm’, for example, refers to a place where servers are kept. The server farm is also referred to as the datacenter. So, what happens in this server farm or datacenter?
A datacenter is a physical location where multiple servers are maintained to provide back up facilities […]

Who’s Managing Your Datacenter?

Datacenter management is a growing concern for many companies. It will continue to be a big concern as more companies opt for solutions like cloud computing and cluster servers. If you have more than two clusters in your operating environment then a datacenter could be very beneficial to you.
A datacenter is simply a central location […]

Why Windows NT Is Not An Operating System For Small Servers

Microsoft has fought hard to retain its monopoly on desktop software. But there have been inroads made into the desktop software market by some smaller companies and open source systems like OpenOffice. But when it comes to operating systems, Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows, hasn’t done as well. Quite frankly, it’s better for big businesses with […]

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept although it is based on concepts and technologies that have been around for at least 40 years. It involves the use of the Internet as a means of providing enterprise-wide server space for small companies who cannot afford to purchase their own servers. After all, the cost of […]