Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Tools for Linux Servers

Desktop Linux distributions have a distinct advantage over Windows.  They are not plagued by the millions of viruses that circulate the Internet wreaking havoc on unsuspecting PC users.  These viruses are designed for Windows and normally only affect Windows systems.
Despite the apparent immunity Linux enjoys, a Linux server should still have some type of […]

Best Server Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Tools

Those who love Linux often cite the absence of viruses as one of the shining examples of why it is better than Windows. For the most part, that argument is valid and real, but a server administrator must look beyond his/her own system and consider others as well. Your server may not have […]

Two Server Software Highlights From Apache

I suppose now is a good time to discuss one of my favorite server software projects – Apache.
The good folks at The Apache Foundation have a lot going on. So I thought I’d mention a couple of my favorite Apache projects: HTTP Server and SpamAssassin.
HTTP Server […]