5 Reasons Why a VPS is Good for Business

A virtual private server (VPS) is a low-cost alternative to a full dedicated server. Using a VPS has a number of strategic advantages for small and medium sized businesses. Among those advantages are the following:

Savings – Above all else, a business that is small or just getting started will need to find ways to […]

Configure Linux to Restrict SuperUser to One Group

The last thing you would ever want or need on your dedicated server is for an unauthorized user to gain root access. This applies to both those external users with malicious intent and those who have limited privileges and may just play around with their newfound powers. Either way, it is bad news. One practical […]

What is “root” on a Linux Server?

When you enter into the world of dedicated servers, you are going to hear new terminology, acronyms, and strange ways of pronouncing software titles. One common term that experienced system administrators will throw around is “root”. Just as the roots of a tree are its strength and foundation, root on a Linux server […]