How to Manage Linux Server Timezone Settings

Setting your date and time correctly on your Linux server is very important. Your server logs and other important information will all reflect the timezone of your server. In most cases, you will want to set your server’s time to match your own local time, but if your server is remote or hosting sites for […]

The “setup” Command on Red Hat-Based Servers

Server configuration can be time consuming, even if you happen to have a web-based control panel. On Linux-based dedicated servers, you can find configuration files for most of the applications and services in the /etc directory. These are text files that are not difficult to edit, but they do often require you to […]

Configuring the Date on a Linux Server

When running a VPS or leased dedicated server, you may find that the timezone does not match your own. You may or may not also find that your new server has the correct date. With Linux servers, you can change the date and timezone with a few simple commands.
Why is this important? […]