5 Invaluable DNS Tools

You can do everything right with your dedicated server’s configuration, security, and maintenance and still experience problems that seem to be beyond your control. Many networking issues, some beyond your control and some not, are easily detectable if you have the right tools for the job. The following 5 DNS tools can help you get […]

Common Linux Server Errors and Solutions

Linux is one of the most popular server operating systems, and it has gradually supplanted Unix as the world’s server OS of choice.  There is no single definitive Linux OS but rather several “distributions” based on the Linux kernel.  Because of this, there are some functional differences; however, most of them have similar commands and […]

Useful Online Server Testing Tools

When you are on the road and need to quickly test or troubleshoot connections to your server, you might not have immediate access to SSH. Four tools you can find from many online services can help you track down problems, make sure your site is running smoothly, or just gather important information.
1. Traceroute – […]

Troubleshooting Server Network Problems

When you have problems with a dedicated server, the natural instinct is to check for software failures, hacker attacks, and even hardware issues. But one possible cause for server trouble that should not be overlooked is bad network connectivity.
On a Linux or Unix server, there are many ways to evaluate network latency, connection strength, […]

3 Awesome Server Network Tools

Linux servers come packed with a plethora of useful commands and tools. Knowing when to use the right ones can save you a lot of time and give you insight into your dedicated server and its networking environment. Here are three tools that are indispensable for any server administrator.
Ping – Perhaps the most […]