5 Signs You Need a Managed Server

Unmanaged servers are available all over the web for lease. They are cheap, rapidly deployed and usually connected to very fast networks inside of secure data centers. Nevertheless, an unmanaged server is not for everyone. Here are five signs you need a managed server rather than an unmanaged one.

Your frustration level has reached an all-time […]

7 Lessons I Learned from Having My Own Server

For several years I leased an unmanaged dedicated server from a company that will remain nameless. I loved the experience, but there were plenty of times when I made horrible mistakes. The following are seven lessons I learned from having my own server.
1. Whatever I thought I knew was far less than what I needed […]

Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when deciding to get a dedicated server is whether you will use a managed server or unmanaged server. On the surface, the differences are clear: a managed server, like those offered by 34SP.com, are systems in which your service provider, to some degree, takes care […]

Common Extra Dedicated Server Features

When you lease an unmanaged dedicated server, it is almost like purchasing a bare-bones computer. You will get many of the essentials like the necessary hardware, operating system, and even the network connection, but often you will not get much else. Depending on the web host, you will need to install extra software […]

Can You Manage Your Dedicated Server?

You would want to own a dedicated server for the numerous benefits it offers. However, such a server brings along responsibilities. You have to take care of it; you have to manage it. How well equipped are you to look after your server?
When you decide to invest in a dedicated server, you can go for […]

The Unmanaged Dedicated Server: Your Responsibility

There are managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers. With managed servers, your host does the maintenance and takes care of the day-to-day management of the server. With an unamanaged server, however, it is your responsibility to keep the server opratational.
The web host’s responsibility in an unamanaged server situation is to simply provide the hardware […]