Tips for Boosting VPS Performance

In some instances, the performance of a VPS is limited to the hardware and software specifications of the host machine. You have a finite amount of CPU and memory resources at your disposal, and you are not free to change the operating system’s global configurations. Nevertheless, there are a plethora of OS and software parameters […]

How to Perform an In-Box Upgrade on an Ubuntu VPS

In-box upgrades on any operating system can be tricky. You are essentially updating all of the software, including the kernel, while keeping all of the current data. This makes it inherently risky, and some would argue against it and maintain that you should either not do upgrades or only do backups and clean installs.
For Ubuntu […]

Can I Upgrade the Kernel on My VPS?

It is generally understood that a server running Linux needs to have a relatively recent kernel version or at least one that has been securely patched to fix any vulnerabilities. For dedicated servers, a kernel upgrade is not big deal; a simple install, reboot and you are done. For a virtual private server, it can […]

Can One Virtual Machine Compromise the Security of Another?

One of the frequently mentioned benefits of VPS hosting is that it is more secure than shared hosting because your account is walled off from other accounts, allowing them to function as separate servers. Virtual private servers and virtualization in general are generally thought to be secure. So, can one virtual machine compromise the security […]

4 Free OpenVZ Control Panels

OpenVZ is free and open source virtualization software that gives you the ability to create and manage virtual private server containers on your dedicated server. While you could manage it quite effectively from the command line, you may prefer to use some type of hosting automation system. The following are some free web-based management tools […]

Full Virtualization vs. a Chroot Environment

Virtualization is extremely popular in the server world right now, and many organizations swear by it. Still, there are some IT people that will look at individual virtualization examples and say to you, “Why don’t you just use a chroot environment.” There are pros and cons to this method, and we will discuss the benefits […]

5 Reasons Why a VPS is Good for Business

A virtual private server (VPS) is a low-cost alternative to a full dedicated server. Using a VPS has a number of strategic advantages for small and medium sized businesses. Among those advantages are the following:

Savings – Above all else, a business that is small or just getting started will need to find ways to […]

Managing Virtual Server Deployment

One of the dangers of hosting virtual private servers is what is known as virtual server sprawl. Like constructing buildings in an area, only so many virtual machines can occupy a single server. High demand for VPS accounts may quickly out pace your ability to create new machines or even deploy new servers to host […]

What is Burstable RAM on a VPS?

When shopping for a virtual private server (VPS), one of the terms you will come across while reading technical specifications is “burstable RAM”. Usually, the specifications will list the amount of RAM available on a VPS package and then list the burstable RAM, which is always more than the allocated RAM amount, beside it.
As the […]

How to Fix a Chroot Network Connection Failure

Creating a chroot jail is a great way to separate certain activities on a dedicated server from the rest of the server at large. Purposes for this can range from creating virtual private server containers to simply needing an isolated test environment. One common problem you may experience after create a chroot jail is that […]

Virtualization Options in CentOS

Virtualization is a method that allows a system administrator to run one instance of an operating system (called a virtual machine) within another. Each virtual machine operates as though it were a standalone dedicated server of its own, but it is really depending on the resources of its host.
Many commercial vendors offer virtualization options for […]

3 Open Source VPS Options

A VPS (virtual private server) gives you the ability to host several instances of your operating system within a single dedicated server.  Each virtual machine or container within your server behaves independently as though it were a server by itself.  This gives users all of the benefits and administrative access of a full dedicated server […]

How Important is Memory on a VPS?

Yesterday, we looked at low end boxes, inexpensive servers with less powerful hardware than your average high-quality dedicated server.  Many low end boxes are actually virtual private servers (VPS), and are, therefore, technically not boxes at all.  With a VPS, you share your server with other tenants, all of whom need to play fairly to […]

5 Uses for Dedicated Servers Other Than Web Hosting

It is a common misconception that the only reason you might need a dedicated server is to start your own web hosting company or reseller.  Dedicated servers are useful for a variety purposes, both on the Internet and in on-premise intranets.  From cloud platforms to dedicated application servers, the uses for dedicated servers are numerous. […]

Server Virtualization Options

There are a plethora of virtualization software tools on the market. Some are quite affordable, even free, while others are very expensive, enterprise-level software solutions. To decide which one you need, you should first ask yourself why you need virtualization.
If you are using virtualization for testing, you probably do not need buy an […]

Preparing to Host Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a way to have many of the benefits of a dedicated server without actually having one. For the customer, it means having his/her own server while still working in a managed system environment, at a fraction of the full server cost. For the owner of the […]

Why Virtual Servers Make Sense

We have always insisted that you go for a virtual private server (VPS) when you can no longer live with the shared server but cannot afford the dedicated server as yet. What makes virtual servers so good? Well, first, let’s understand what a virtual server is. When a physical server is partitioned into logical divisions, […]

How the Virtual Server Scores Over the Shared Physical Server

Before we get into the benefits of the virtual server as compared to those of the shared server, let’s understand the difference between these two servers. When a physical server is used to host several websites of different organizations, it is called a shared server. Now, when the physical server is divided into logical partitions, […]

What makes the VPS Work as a Sandbox or a Honeypot?

Several times in this blog I have mentioned that the virtual private server (VPS) is ideal for organizations looking to move away from shared hosting but cannot afford the dedicated server yet. Now, the VPS is known to be sturdy and is considered very secure. This is the reason it is also used as a […]

Can the VPS Really Replace the Dedicated Server?

No. And we never claimed it could. The virtual private server (VPS) can rescue you though when you no longer want to live with the limitations of the shared hosting. Now, a dedicated server will not only rescue you from the shared server, it will hand over a number of additional advantages. But the dedicated […]

Why the Virtual Server Makes Sense

I have always maintained that the virtual server is the ideal stopover for organizations who want to move from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. What makes it good? Let’s find out.
The virtual server makes you the boss. You don’t have any control over things in shared hosting. Virtual hosting, on the other hand, lets you […]

Why the Virtual Server is Recommended

I have come across organizations who rule out virtual private server (VPS) or the virtual dedicated server (VDS) because they think it is an extension of shared hosting. While it is true that a virtual server is not a dedicated server, living with the limitations of shared hosting is not wise, especially when you realize […]

Benefits of the Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

A virtual server is the best stopover if you are looking to move from shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated hosting yet. Both the virtual private server (VPS) and the virtual dedicated server (VDS) are referred to as virtual servers. A VPS is a bit different from a VDS though. The virtual dedicated server […]

Can VPS Hosting Replace Dedicated Hosting?

Not everyone who acknowledges the benefits of the dedicated server can afford it. Do you find the cost of the server exceeding your budget? That does not mean you have to live with the limitations of shared hosting. There is a solution. Go for VPS hosting.
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is formed when […]

Is a Semi-Dedicated Server Dedicated Enough?

‘Semi-dedication’ may appear treacherous in the real world but it makes a lot of sense in the world of servers. For the uninitiated, there is something called the semi-dedicated server. And its name has come from the fact that it is a server you don’t own. In fact, a semi-dedicated server is similar to the […]

VPS Hosting is an Ideal Stopover Before You Go For Dedicated Hosting

There are many business owners who know that shared hosting has its limitations, but they make no effort to do anything about it. The reason is the high cost of the dedicated server. The dedicated server may not be costly for large organizations, but for the smaller ones, it definitely is. But you can’t even […]

Why VPS Hosting Works for Businesses

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the ideal stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server but aren’t satisfied with a shared server go for VPS hosting.
The most important reason one wants to move from shared hosting is control. And VPS hosting provides that. It still lets you be […]

Why the Virtual Private Server is a Good Stopover

There are two primary factors that go in the favor of the virtual private server (VPS). One, it is cheaper than the dedicated server. Two, it is better than the shared server.
So, an organization whose ambitions go beyond what the shared server can provide will look at going for a VPS, especially if it cannot […]

Business Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) has numerous advantages, making VPS hosting a smart option for organizations looking to move from shared hosting. This is ideal for those who cannot afford dedicated hosting and would like to reap more benefits than shared hosting has to offer. As you know, virtual servers are derived by partitioning a […]

Server Virtualization for Control and Security

There was a time when virtual meant ‘not real’, but today everything virtual has developed an identity of its own. Virtualization makes sense in a lot of areas. In web hosting too. An organization may not be comfortable at the prospect of acquiring a dedicated server of its own just a yet. And it may […]