Virtual vs. Physical Server – Which One is Right for You?

Virtualization is a very popular way to build your IT structure. Many companies are choosing cloud and virtual servers over a physical server for their business applications. However, this may not be the right choice for your company.
In some cases, the need for a physical server and the benefits it provides completely outweigh the advantages […]

5 Benefits of Virtual Server Provisioning

In the old days, when you needed to deploy a new server, there was at least some legwork involved. You would have to find rack space, make sure the rack had enough power for a new server, install an image on the server, and, if the image is not exactly what you needed, customize it […]

How the Virtual Server Scores Over the Shared Physical Server

Before we get into the benefits of the virtual server as compared to those of the shared server, let’s understand the difference between these two servers. When a physical server is used to host several websites of different organizations, it is called a shared server. Now, when the physical server is divided into logical partitions, […]

Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the concept of treating a physical server as multiple logical servers. How does that help? Let’s have a look.
Virtual servers reduce your costs. Virtualization causes you to buy less hardware thereby saving you money. Also the operating costs are reduced with virtualization.
Virtualization makes the servers stable and reduces downtimes considerably thereby making […]

Why the Virtual Server Makes Sense

I have always maintained that the virtual server is the ideal stopover for organizations who want to move from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. What makes it good? Let’s find out.
The virtual server makes you the boss. You don’t have any control over things in shared hosting. Virtual hosting, on the other hand, lets you […]

Why the Virtual Server is Recommended

I have come across organizations who rule out virtual private server (VPS) or the virtual dedicated server (VDS) because they think it is an extension of shared hosting. While it is true that a virtual server is not a dedicated server, living with the limitations of shared hosting is not wise, especially when you realize […]

Benefits of the Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

A virtual server is the best stopover if you are looking to move from shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated hosting yet. Both the virtual private server (VPS) and the virtual dedicated server (VDS) are referred to as virtual servers. A VPS is a bit different from a VDS though. The virtual dedicated server […]

Why VPS Hosting Works for Businesses

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the ideal stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server but aren’t satisfied with a shared server go for VPS hosting.
The most important reason one wants to move from shared hosting is control. And VPS hosting provides that. It still lets you be […]

Business Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) has numerous advantages, making VPS hosting a smart option for organizations looking to move from shared hosting. This is ideal for those who cannot afford dedicated hosting and would like to reap more benefits than shared hosting has to offer. As you know, virtual servers are derived by partitioning a […]

Server Virtualization for Control and Security

There was a time when virtual meant ‘not real’, but today everything virtual has developed an identity of its own. Virtualization makes sense in a lot of areas. In web hosting too. An organization may not be comfortable at the prospect of acquiring a dedicated server of its own just a yet. And it may […]

What Makes the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Special?

The reasons that make the Virtual Private Server (VPS) special are present in its name as qualifiers. The server is virtual, thus hassle-free and secure too. The server is private; you own it and you have got control over it.
Let’s looks closely at how VPS helps organizations. As I just mentioned, it allows you the […]

How Does Server Virtualization Help?

For the uninitiated, virtualization of server refers to the partitioning of a server into a number of logical (virtual) servers. As is obvious, owning virtual servers helps you reduce costs. However, it wasn’t just the cost factor that made server virtualization popular. For the ones who could not afford their own dedicated servers, virtual servers […]

What is the Big Deal about Server Virtualization?

A friend recently asked if we were going crazy with defining virtualization within an already virtual world. Many would share his thought. The term ‘virtual’ has taken a nested avatar, one within another. Server virtualization is one such concept. However, if you look closely, you’ll realize that though the web is virtual, the web server […]