An Introduction to Web Servers: Part 1

Once you have chosen an operating system, setup some basic security, and decided on a web-based control panel, you will need to decide what software you will run on your server. Some control panels will install your software for you, but it may be worth it to choose one that is right for your […]

3 Great Uses for Quick-Deploying Virtual Cloud Servers

The very nature of a dedicated server is that it is dedicated. The very name suggests a long term marriage. But what should you do if you just want a brief affair, maybe even a fling? Quick, easy to deploy virtual cloud servers may be the way to go.
Virtualization allows for rapid deployment of […]

3 Ways Virtualization Can Help You Save

Saving money is very important in the competitive dedicated server industry, and a good system administrator will always look for ways to help the business save. Virtualization, when used correctly, is a great way to save money and still get good performance out of a server. The following are three ways to save with virtualization.
1. […]

Linux Server Management Software

There was a time when pride dictated that a system administrator manage a Linux server with nothing more than a text-only terminal window and a cup of coffee. Times have changed, especially since even major enterprises need to manage their Linux servers quickly and effectively. The following are four useful server management options with varying […]

Why Virtual Servers Make Sense

We have always insisted that you go for a virtual private server (VPS) when you can no longer live with the shared server but cannot afford the dedicated server as yet. What makes virtual servers so good? Well, first, let’s understand what a virtual server is. When a physical server is partitioned into logical divisions, […]

Is Server Virtualization Good for Businesses?

What is server virtualization anyway? It simply refers to the logical partitioning of servers into several sub-servers. Each of these sub-servers is referred to as a virtual server. You may wonder if virtualization makes any difference given the physical server remains the same. When you cannot afford to own a complete server, you have to […]