What Kind Of Web Hosting Have You Experienced

The term ‘web’ ceased to mean the spider’s web a long time ago. And the emergence of the world wide web saw various types of hosting. You may have already heard about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In today’s post, we’ll look at the most popular hosting types including these two.
Free Hosting: This is called […]

Can the VPS Really Replace the Dedicated Server?

No. And we never claimed it could. The virtual private server (VPS) can rescue you though when you no longer want to live with the limitations of the shared hosting. Now, a dedicated server will not only rescue you from the shared server, it will hand over a number of additional advantages. But the dedicated […]

Can VPS Hosting Replace Dedicated Hosting?

Not everyone who acknowledges the benefits of the dedicated server can afford it. Do you find the cost of the server exceeding your budget? That does not mean you have to live with the limitations of shared hosting. There is a solution. Go for VPS hosting.
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is formed when […]

VPS Hosting is an Ideal Stopover Before You Go For Dedicated Hosting

There are many business owners who know that shared hosting has its limitations, but they make no effort to do anything about it. The reason is the high cost of the dedicated server. The dedicated server may not be costly for large organizations, but for the smaller ones, it definitely is. But you can’t even […]

Why VPS Hosting Works for Businesses

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the ideal stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server but aren’t satisfied with a shared server go for VPS hosting.
The most important reason one wants to move from shared hosting is control. And VPS hosting provides that. It still lets you be […]

Why the Virtual Private Server is a Good Stopover

There are two primary factors that go in the favor of the virtual private server (VPS). One, it is cheaper than the dedicated server. Two, it is better than the shared server.
So, an organization whose ambitions go beyond what the shared server can provide will look at going for a VPS, especially if it cannot […]

Business Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) has numerous advantages, making VPS hosting a smart option for organizations looking to move from shared hosting. This is ideal for those who cannot afford dedicated hosting and would like to reap more benefits than shared hosting has to offer. As you know, virtual servers are derived by partitioning a […]

What Makes the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Special?

The reasons that make the Virtual Private Server (VPS) special are present in its name as qualifiers. The server is virtual, thus hassle-free and secure too. The server is private; you own it and you have got control over it.
Let’s looks closely at how VPS helps organizations. As I just mentioned, it allows you the […]

Why it is Time to Shun Shared Hosting?

If reliability and availability come high in your list of requirements, you cannot continue to live with shared hosting. Even if you think you don’t need more resources than what the shared server offers, there are other reasons why you should shun shared hosting for a different type of hosting.
Imagine living in a house that […]

When to Move From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting has its share of benefits, but it is not for you if your business depends on your websites and web applications. You should move to a dedicated server when you realize that your business ambitions surpass what the shared host has to offer. Following are some scenarios that will tell you if you […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) as a Sandbox

If yours is an expanding business, you may reach a junction when shared hosting does not suffice and dedicated hosting looks too expensive. The best thing to do at this time is to go for VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and as the term suggests, it is a virtual server that’s dedicated […]

6 Ways VPS Hosting Helps Businesses

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is exactly that – virtual and private. And this is what makes it lucrative and useful for businesses. A business that uses shared hosting is likely to experience problems in the long run when its ambitions grow. More often than not, such a business cannot switch to dedicated hosting immediately. […]

VPS Hosting is a Good Stopover Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Overheard in a supermarket: The virtual world is so over-hyped. We had a good time even without it in our days, isn’t it?
Well, nostalgia is not bad, but does one need to criticize emerging technologies to remember old times? Virtualization is no longer just about the Internet anymore. Now, everything that facilitates the world wide […]