Overcoming the Most Common Web Hosting Challenges

Hosting comes with challenges, just like anything else. Whether you’re working on your first website or your hundredth, there may be certain challenges you have to deal with. Some of the issues could come from the hosting company you choose, while others may just be part of hosting a website.
Getting stuck with a bad hosting […]

What to Expect from a VPS Provider

Most web hosting companies offer some form of VPS service, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. A virtual private server can be almost anything that uses virtualization, so it is important to know what you are getting and if the services offered fit your needs. These are some […]

What X Server Is and Why You Do NOT Need It

Spend enough time using Linux and you are bound to hear terms like “X Server”, “Xorg”, “X Windows”, or “X11”. All of these terms refer to the same technology, and none of them are things you need for your Linux-based dedicated server.
On Linux and Unix-like operating systems, the X Server is a layer that […]

Back to the Basics #4: Web Server Software

As we continue our overview of the very basics of dedicated server hosting, it is appropriate at this time to look at web servers. Dedicated servers have a wide variety of uses, from application hosting to gaming, but web hosting is one of the most prominent. As the entertainment and business worlds become more integrated […]

5 Uses for Dedicated Servers Other Than Web Hosting

It is a common misconception that the only reason you might need a dedicated server is to start your own web hosting company or reseller.  Dedicated servers are useful for a variety purposes, both on the Internet and in on-premise intranets.  From cloud platforms to dedicated application servers, the uses for dedicated servers are numerous. […]

5 More Server Tips (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we highlighted some tips that should help you with your shiny new dedicated server.  Here are 5 more to keep you going over the weekend.
1. Have a plan – It sounds very basic, but I can attest from experience that not having a clear vision can cause you big headaches in […]

Benefits and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Spend even a small amount of time reading about news and developments in web hosting, and you will undoubtedly come across the term “cloud computing”. The term itself is rather broad and can refer to anything from web-based email to full application servers, to RaaS disaster recovery.
Although in the case of email, […]

Understanding Reseller Hosting

Now, what on earth is reseller hosting? If that’s your first reaction to this post, you have come to the right place.
This post intends to explain the concept in the simplest of terms. Reseller hosting is really a smart way employed by small hosting companies to host websites. Such a host buys a large […]

Tips on Choosing a Good Web Host

Your choice of the web hosting companies defines your presence on the web. You cannot go for just any hosting company if you want your websites and network applications to yield results for your business. So, how do you choose a good web host? Here are a few tips.
Speed and availability
Find out if the […]

Why Managed Hosting Makes Sense Irrespective Of Its Cost?

There is no doubt that managed hosting means increased expenses. After all, you are hiring a company to manage your server and your websites for you. You’ll need to shell out some money. The cost of managed hosting often deters organizations from going for it. Before we rule it out or adopt it, we need […]

What Kind Of Web Hosting Have You Experienced

The term ‘web’ ceased to mean the spider’s web a long time ago. And the emergence of the world wide web saw various types of hosting. You may have already heard about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In today’s post, we’ll look at the most popular hosting types including these two.
Free Hosting: This is called […]

How Do You Choose Your Web Host?

The choice of the hosting company determines how your website will function. And the choice completely depends on what your needs are. If you ever go out looking for a host on the world wide web, you will be amazed at the number of results you will get. More than a couple of tonnes of […]

How Does a Dedicated Server Help?

Do you get confused every time you hear about the limitations of shared hosting? Do consultants ask your business to make a shift towards dedicated server hosting? If you haven’t experienced a problem with shared hosting yet, you are one of the lucky few. If you expect your website(s) to experience heavy traffic in the […]

How VPS Hosting Helps Your Business

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the perfect solution for those whose needs and expectations are not met by shared hosting. You would say, why not dedicated server hosting then? Well, the businesses who opt for VPS hosting are typically the ones who cannot afford dedicated servers but would like the services to be better […]

Shared Hosting Can’t Accommodate Website Ambitions

What is wrong with shared hosting? Nothing, a lot of people will say. It is true shared hosting will not trouble you unless you have higher ambitions with respect to your website(s). In one of our earlier posts we had discussed when you should move from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.
No, we […]

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

Google returns a result of 50 million when you search with the keywords ‘web hosting companies’. Choosing the right web hosting company amidst the ocean of hosts is definitely not an easy task. So, how do you choose the one that suits your needs? Find out in this post.
Speed and availability
This is simple. You do […]

Web Hosting Types

The advent of the World Wide Web made people interested in hosting their pages on the web. E-commerce gave way to web hosting of different kinds. Today, there are far too many different types of hosting services available. We’ll look at some of the major ones today.
Free Hosting
Free web hosting lets you publish your website […]

Get Managed With The Planet

When it comes to managed hosting plans, very few hosting companies compare to The Planet.
The Planet specializes in managed hosting, dedicated servers, and collocation services. But that’s not all they offer. You can also opt for The Planet’s cloud computing services, which are out of this world.
The Planet’s cloud computing services was announced on […]

Layered Tech Provides Security And Power Behind Its Datacenters

Layered Tech is a web hosting company with specialties in managed dedicated servers and cloud computing. Its CEO is Jack Finlayson, who used to serve as COO of SAVVIS and before that, worked at Motorola and AT & T.
Layered Tech’s data centers include 256,000 square feet in Dallas, Texas, 13,200 square meters in Tokyo, Japan, […]