cPanel for Your Dedicated Server

When you buy the dedicated server, you want to reap the optimum benefits of it. The most important thing you need for that is efficient management. Even if you cannot manage it in-house, you need not worry. Get professionals to manage your server for you. However, there is one thing that you need, irrespective of […]

cPanel Vs Plesk – Which One You Should Choose

Wondering which control panel to choose with respect to website management? If you ask a cPanel user, you know what the answer will be. The same goes for Plesk or any other control panel. So, getting a non-biased opinion is a bit difficult. Yeah, I have biases too. Not that I don’t like Plesk but […]

cPanel is an Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Control Panel

Does the thought of website management give you cold sweats? As a website owner, you are required to perform certain management tasks and the least you can ask for is an easy control panel. cPanel offers just that. Everyone has his/her favourite when it comes to website control panel. Personally, I have found cPanel […]

What Makes cPanel Popular?

What is better than management? Simplified management. And a hosting control panel offers you just that for websites. Among the control panels available, cPanel has become the most popular one. What makes cPanel popular? While some say that it is the intuitive and highly functional graphical interface that clicks with people, others vouch by its […]