How to Try Out Server Upgrades Before Installing

Major OS or software upgrades can be exciting for a system administrator, but they can also be a little frightening.  What if something breaks?  What if you lose everything and have hours or even days of down time?  This can be especially troubling if you have web applications and are […]

Windows Remote Server Management

One of the most prominent distinguishing features of the Windows operating system is its default graphical user interface (GUI). Most UNIX-like operating systems also support graphical interfaces, but the GUI is optional and is often not installed on dedicated servers.
Graphical management of a server is acceptable if you are sitting in front of the […]

Windows Server Virtualization

Vitualization is a process that allows one operating system (the host) to run a full version of another operating system (the guest) within itself. Unlike emulation, where the host must also simulate the hardware, virtualization allows the guest to interface directly with the system’s hardware. As such, virtualization requires both the host and guest […]

How to Install SSH on Windows

SSH is secure, fast, easy to use, and makes remote server management easy. It comes with most Unix-like operating systems and Linux distributions, but no version of Windows has ever included it.
Fortunately, there are several SSH solutions for Windows, and many of them are free. With SSH installed, you can enjoy much of […]

Windows Server 2008 – The Latest, But The Greatest?

The latest version of the Windows Server operating system is Windows Server 2008. While Windows has its evangelists, it also has its detractors. Not everyone is enamored of Windows and its server operating system is another product in a line of many that has its friends and its enemies. But should you use it?
While we’d […]