When Windows Becomes a Must for Your Server

Computer education, for most people, begins with a hands-on of Windows and MS Office. More often than not, people don’t know about other operating systems for long; some never know. So when it comes to choosing the operating system for their dedicated servers, people tend to go with what they are already familiar with: Windows.
But […]

Why You Need a Windows Dedicated Server

Linux lovers will tell you that the Windows dedicated server is of no use. While a Linux server has its advantages, it may not work for you if your needs are different. There is one main reason you need a Windows server: you need to use Microsoft services. Yes, the Windows server works for you […]

Why You May Need a Windows Server

What makes Windows popular even with so many open-source operating systems available? Which OS do you have on your system? The home-user finds it user-friendly in spite of the times it crashes without a reason. For the server owners, however, Windows is important because of other reasons. Wanna know which ones? Read on.
Microsoft has not […]

Server Security: IIS Lockdown For Windows Server

IIS stands for Internet Information Services. IIS Lockdown is a software package for additional security on a Windows server. Requirements for using the package are Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP. The software works by turning off unnecessary features, making your system more secure against attackers from outside.
Microsoft earlier this year, January, introduced IIS […]

Windows Server Hosting Vs. Linux Server Hosting

One of the longest running debates in the history of technology has been the Windows vs. Linux debate. You may alienate the advocates of one if you say anything good about the other. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Windows vs. Linux debate in the web and server hosting world has also heated […]

Windows vs. Linux Dedicated Servers

When it comes time to obtain a dedicated server, you essentially have two platforms to choose from: Windows and Linux.  Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, ranging from costs to application requirements.
Programming Technologies and Database Servers
The major difference between Windows and Linux lies in the applications and development technologies.  If you intend to […]