3 Ways Virtualization Can Help You Save

Saving money is very important in the competitive dedicated server industry, and a good system administrator will always look for ways to help the business save. Virtualization, when used correctly, is a great way to save money and still get good performance out of a server. The following are three ways to save with virtualization.

1. Maximize space usage – With virtualization, you can place multiple server instances on one machine. For deployments that would normally require dedicated servers for each one, you can save a great deal of server space, which ultimately saves money.

3. Reduce power consumption – Using fewer servers to run the same number of tasks can greatly reduce the amount of power you consume. That helps both the environment and your wallet.

4. Time – By using a ready-to-deploy virtualization platform, you can quickly and easily deploy new virtual servers, reducing the time it takes to get a server up and running. Saving time means saving money.

Virtualization can save you time, space, and energy, all of which translates into monetary savings for your company. It can help you become more efficient in general, and that is a positive trait for any system administrator.

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