4 Free OpenVZ Control Panels

OpenVZ is free and open source virtualization software that gives you the ability to create and manage virtual private server containers on your dedicated server. While you could manage it quite effectively from the command line, you may prefer to use some type of hosting automation system. The following are some free web-based management tools for OpenVZ.

  1. HyperVM – This tool advertises its ability to manage an entire server cluster from a single console. It supports both OpenVZ and Xen, running primarily from RHEL, CentOS, or Fedora. It can also integrate with WHMCS and AWBS.

  2. OpenVZ Web Panel – Recommended by OpenVZ, this web panel is designed exclusively for the purpose of managing it from a web-based graphical interface. It features an automatic installer, backup interface, and remote API.

  3. VirtuoCP – This project does not have much of a description, but it does claim to be a virtual private server control panel that runs on Linux and is capable of managing OpenVZ.

  4. OpenNode – Designed to be “bare metal”, this is a complete ISO that you can install on a new machine and have a private cloud up and running. It supports both OpenVZ and KVM.

For more control panels and solutions for OpenVZ, visit the OpenVZ wiki. You can also find complete documentation there.