Advantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting

The term virtual is becoming redundant. The World Wide Web is no longer virtual; it has invaded our lives and become a real part of our existence. Now every time, a ‘virtual’ something comes up, one wonders how it compares with the existing system. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one technology that becomes virtual even with respect to the web.

VPS hosting is chosen by companies that are not satisfied by the performance of shared hosting but don’t want to invest in dedicated server hosting. Let us look at core benefits of this hosting service.


Unlike a shared server, VPS allows you the control of the server. You can choose the software you want to install. Keeping many such servers lets you install different operating systems on each and maintain separate applications in isolation from one another. You can host as many websites as you want through these virtual servers.

You are also allowed the flexibility of customizing the servers according to your specifications. Virtual Private Servers let you use additional services any time with the flexibility of removing and changing them anytime.


The VPS hosting model suits small and medium companies that are looking for performance better than that offered by shared hosting. With it being less expensive than dedicated hosting, it definitely works out in favor of such companies.


Since your website is isolated with VPS hosting, it has no threat by the attacks on other websites. Moreover, VPS hosting providers offer additional security features, saving your website of hackers and other malicious factors.

While VPS has a lot of benefits, it has its limitations for websites of large companies that have more needs. Such companies should look at dedicated hosting or managed hosting.