Benefits of the Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

A virtual server is the best stopover if you are looking to move from shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated hosting yet. Both the virtual private server (VPS) and the virtual dedicated server (VDS) are referred to as virtual servers. A VPS is a bit different from a VDS though. The virtual dedicated server is considered more powerful than the virtual private server.

You can run multiple operating systems on the VDS, something you cannot do on a VPS. However, you can acquire multiple VPS and run different operating systems on them. Also, the VDS is considered more sturdy than the VPS. It offers you better performance than the VPS.

The other benefits of a VDS are the same as that of a VPS.

  • You get to be in control of the virtual server. You can choose to configure your server(s) the way you like.
  • The server allows you to install the applications you want.
  • You can host as many websites as you want without worrying about the limitations of space and bandwidth.
  • You can enjoy several additional services as offered by the host. You have the flexibility of removing and changing these services anytime.
  • The virtual server offers security from the threats on other websites. It lets you employ measures to counter hackers and the like.

As the VDS or VPS offers benefits similar to the dedicated server, and that too at a cost much less, it works as the perfect stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

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